To accept this sacred lighthouse activation, comment ‘I AM THE LIGHT’ + read the story below.


Floating aimlessly in the dark.

The waves push against your boat.

Searching for something. You feel the longing in your heart. That missing piece.

The void feels so cold and achy.

Directionless, you float through the darkness.

No paddle. No hope.

Are you alone?

You call out… no reply

Then, in the distance a faint light appears, then then disappears, then reappears.

The moist foggy air dilutes the light.

You squint.

A lighthouse!

You feel hope rising inside. How will you get there?




Something bumps against the wood.

A paddle.

It’s as if the waves delivered it.

Curious, you make your way closer to the light.

Still in darkness, but now your eyes fixed. A goal in sight.

You continue on your journey.

As you get closer you feel your determination increasing.

Your breath in sync with your paddle.

Nothing can stop you now.

Your boat hits the rocky shore and you fumble out.

Your knees hit the ground as you grasp the solid earth in your hands.

You look up at the lighthouse that showed you the way.

Tall and sure. Your saving grace. Your miracle.

You make your way to the entrance. Maybe someone is inside.

It’s locked.

You lean against the stone wall and let out a sigh.

Your hands search for the warmth of your jacket pocket.

You’re met with cold metal.

A key.

Strange… it wasn’t there before.

You pull it out. Your fingers trace the edges.

Will it fit the keyhole to the door?

You hold your breath and push the gold key inside the hole.

The metal glides in smoothly.

You turn it.


It’s open.

You push the door in and make your way up the stairs.

Your heart racing. Who will you find up there?

How will you thank them?

You reach the top.

The stairs end and the narrow, winding hallway opens to a circular room.

You’re overcome with a bright light.

You shield your eyes and let them adjust.

You look around. No one seems to be present.

But then…

There He stands. A man of valor and majesty.

The source. The light. GOD.

And as he speaks the words pierce your soul.

“You’ve found Me,” He says.

You run to him. You embrace.

A spark lights inside you.

His love burns like a wildfire in your heart.

The darkness, the pain, the longing… burned away

To make room for new.

The sacred fire engulfs you.

You are the LOVE. You are the LIGHT.

He whispers, “It’s your turn now.”


WATCH THIS and ACT: https://www.facebook.com/ashleypfeffer/videos/10103911485244257/

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