Emotional Competency

There is no darker place represented within the human DNA than the 48th shadow (inadequacy).

The fear here lies in the feeling that we are somehow inherently inadequate.

This gene key is responsible for our second seven year cycle (age 7-14). It governs our emotional development and our incarnation into our astral (emotional) body.

The belief patterns and emotional defense mechanisms of our parents and the world at large imprint on our aura. One of the main beliefs that society (in the past – thank god things are changing) likes to tell us is that emotions make us weak and that they undermine intelligence.

The only truth here is that when we believe we are our emotions and dont feel resourceful in understanding and moving through our emotions we end up self sabotaging ourselves, retreating, retracting and separating. When we arent projecting these emotions, we are pushing them down. Of course that leads to disastrous actions.

The key here is to witness and learn from our emotions. This doesnt mean it wont be messy work, but it does require us to love ourselves in the process. We need to be patient with ourselves. Be patient with our emotions. They have so much to tell us and share and are essentially the escape from the deep wounding patterns we took on as kids. They are the key to free us from the prison we keep ourselves in in an attempt to protect our hearts.

Isnt that beautiful tho. We love oursleves so much that when we feel threatened emotionally we protect our most sacred aspect.. our hearts. We essentially need to parent ourselves back into feeling safe in our bodies and most importantly our emotions. The walls we put up not only block us from the pain, but the love trying to get out (and in).

The whole venus sequence is a process of coming out of the shell we are hiding in. Breaking down or burning down the walls of protection. Returning to unity and oneness with all. When we are able to learn our wounding pattern of our emotions, we get to come into resourcefulness!

When you know that when faced with anything emotionally turbulent we have tools to cope. This is resourcefulness. And it doesn’t involve shutting down, shutting out or projecting.

It’s about being attuned to your own inner well of wisdom and resourcefulness. It’s about knowing that if you dont KNOW how to handle the situation, that the answer and SUPPORT is out there.

Emotionally competency and understanding is one of the most important tools we need to develop. It goes right alongside conscious communication.

The biggest indicator of your frequency is how you deal with emotionally challenging situations.

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