“Everybody wants to be a gangster until it’s time to do gangster shit.”

Words of wisdom about honor from my husband, navy craftmaster, and honorable man.

A few days ago I challenged myself to live with honor. That I would think “HONOR” before any action or word spoken. I have to admit, I fulfilled that challenge for a good 20 minutes and then it’s only popped back into my head sporadically over the past few days.

What does it mean to honor yourself, honor your family, honor your body?

At breakfast today, I decided to ask my husband what he thought of the word and his response was beautiful. I know without a shadow of doubt that he honors me and our family. He would choose to sacrifice his hopes, dreams and even his life for the betterment of our family unit.

“Honor is rooted in a love so pure that it sacrifices itself without a thought to serve a higher aspiration.” — Siddhi 38

I also know he has commitment to honoring our country and the foundation it rests upon. He would give his life for our freedom and I honor him because of that courage and commitment. What’s more is he has not wavered. He has always been an advocate for our family and always makes sure I’m in line with his same commitment for the family. I respect him for that and I know he has our best interests in mind.


He does not waver, he does not falter and I know if a zombie apocalypse comes … he is prepared to protect our family. To sacrifice his life for our family. (Not that that is going to happen.. but if it does he is prepared).

He has taught me that honor requires courage in the face of adversity. People can say they love someone and would die for them until the day actually comes when your life is on the line for another whom you love. Honor does not require sacrifice, but it is often seen as a prerequisite to being honored.

What can you say youd die for? What are you committed to so whole heartedly that you would put your life on the line for that honor?

GK 38 — siddhi of honor says
“Honor is a dynamic, living energy field in itself. It is the Siddhi that dawns when the warrior archetype reaches its ultimate potential. Honor is in the energy field of every single human being when they are living their individual truth.”

Christ has spoken of honor as well, stating “greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

Justin also said,
If you want to be honorable it comes in an opportunity. The opportunity comes and you choose to be honorable or not. Honor is an outcome.

Honor never comes alone and its never a simple choice. There are always forces that come at the same time… doubt, temptation .. etc.

Honor is a choice you make. A preservation (not of self) of the “idea” that you have sworn to protect.

Honor is a righteous choice.

So what are you choosing on a daily basis? It is also through your small decisions over the course of your life that you weigh upon the thing that you honor.

My husband said,
Each decision is like a twig. You can choose to honor that thing or not. The twigs make up a bundle that represents all the decisions you made to honor that idea/belief/person. You can choose to break your promise to honor that idea by breaking the twig that comes in the form of opportunity. It’s easy to break a single twig, a single opportunity missed to honor. But when you think of the bundle of twigs, it’s harder to break that Honor.

So at the end of your life, it is a measure of how steadfast you were in honoring that idea/belief/person. Don’t beat yourself up over the bad decisions. And don’t be so oblivious that you miss those opportunities as well.

If you hold that vision/purpose of honor at the top of your mind you will persevere. So decide what you are living for and make a conscious effort to choose honor in every single opportunity.

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Antonio Madison

Much appreciated. Thank you for providing a balanced dual perspective on Honor ???