The IChing says that Hexagram 11 is Earth (Hexagram 2) over Heaven (Hexagram 1)… what does that even mean!?

This 11-2-1 transit is particularly powerful for me. Gene Key 2 is my Life’s Work and Gene Key 1 is my Evolution. In have a double 11 gate activation – the Gate of Peace – in Neptune – in line 4 and 5 – the Teacher and the Philanthropist.

I experience Gene Key 11 as an inexhaustible stream of ideas and solutions for the future. It’s a creative, visionary – idealism, accentuated through the 6 lines in my Radiance, Purpose, Attraction, and IQ, in Gene Keys 13, 7, 31, 25 – always seeing the big picture, where humanity is going, and what we can do better.

Gene Key 11 is part of the abstract circuitry and has the need to share ideas that aren’t based on facts, but on a sensory, reflective, subjective process. It comes from the right side of the brain and represent the feminine pole (whereas Gene Key 17 is the Logic left-brained and masculine counterpart).

I feel the 11th intimate relationship with the 28th Gene Key, which is my Pearl in line 3 and Personality Moon in line 6 – my Law and my Drive.

Both the 11 and the 28 are about COURAGE and taking the risk to not only look, but actually leap into the dark. Swallowed by the illusion of delusion, feeling the Obscurity – completely penetrated by it – until there is no separation or fear.

Both these Gene Keys know that the DOORWAY is in the Shadow – in the darkest, deepest corner of the Shadow. They are shamanic and transformational. They are both mystical and very clear – THROUGH is the only way – bypassing doesn’t exist.

The 11 and 28 put us face to face with our arch-demon, the antichrist or the doppelganger within each of us. Confronted by this INNER DEMON, the separate self begins to dissolve into the archetype itself. Every urge to identify with anything is gradually purged through the 11th Gene Key.

The 28th Shadow represents everything within our psyche that we do not wish to accept, right down to the CORE FEAR of non-existence. Only as we reclaim each of these dark aspects of our inner being can the true Light come through.

Nothing is longer obscured and no one can hide. When these Gene Keys are activated we may also guide others into their own darkness. We appear to lead people directly away from the light in order to actually draw them CLOSER to that light. The 11th Gene Key tells us, the light has never been outside us but resides DEEP within matter itself.

The densest regions conceal the highest vibrations, and that true ASCENSION moves downwards and INWARDS. The Siddhi of the 28th requires that we surrender into our own deepest fears and in dying, we are REBORN as pure consciousness.

Evil is simply everything about life that has not yet been accepted and embraced. The PURE LIGHT of the 11th Siddhi has nothing to do with good and evil. It represents the transcendence of duality, and it brings a VISION of the TRUE FUTURE of all humanity.

“The 11th Siddhi will crack open our perception of the world, symbolically uprooting the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. At that point, we will feed directly from the Tree of Life, which streams forth light. This light will become our very food as it feeds our subtle body and slowly causes us to melt into the very heart of creation itself.”

I realized that WHAT I DO with people that are open to my energy is supporting them in opening up to BEING THEMSELVES in a way they didn’t know was possible in this world.

Part of this is being TRANSPARENT about what looks like to be you, and brave to communicate when something is out of INTEGRITY, instead of hiding it. This is the fastest way to continuous growth and shifting reality so it mirrors your Truth.

It requires a soft body, elastic mind, and a strong and all-encompassing heart. Ideally we work with all these parts and it takes dedication and WILLINGNESS to dive deep physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – determined to RADIATE more of who we are.

We understand our Shadow patterns and our GENIUS. The focus is neutrality instead of vested interest or forcing to change anything. We can call it TANTRA, SHAMANISM, ACCEPTANCE or EGO DEATH… it doesn’t matter. Emotions are FELT FULLY yet not expressed in reaction. We use different methods to strip out tension in the body, increase life force, and naturally shift limiting beliefs.

Softening, true shifts, and love can only happen from the place of neutrality. We learn and experience that LOVE AND FREEDOM GO HAND IN HAND. Gene Key 11 and 28 aren’t afraid to die a thousand times to fully live their purpose and ideals.


Magical IChing Geometry
SIDDHI: Light (11) is the Unity (2) of Beauty (1)
GIFT: Idealism (11) is Orienting (2) Freshness (1)
SHADOW: Obscurity (11) is the Dislocation (2) of Entropy (1)

The geometry comes from the IChing where the two trigrams in each hexagram corresponds to an element.
Hexagram 2 is made up of two trigrams of Earth.
Hexagram 1 is made up of two trigrams of Heaven.
Hexagram 11 is called “Earth over Heaven” so 2 over 1.
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Antonio Madison

Thank you for speaking on GK28.3, this is my Attraction sphere so this resonates Very strongly for me. Much appreciated ???