Open Emotional + Ego Center

Do you, or a loved one, have open Emotional center, open Ego, and lots of transpersonal lines?

Learning so much about the completely open Emotional center (and Ego). When you get shocked or hurt it takes time to even know what you feel. You can absorb and amplify other people’s feelings, and once you learn to discern what is yours and what isn’t, there is often some lag until you have access to your own emotions.

The not-self of the open Emotional just wants everything to be nice and calm again. A (completely) open Ego in its not-self doesn’t have a reference for worthiness, so it’ll do anything to stop the pain and emotional turmoil (often other people’s distorted emotions), including compromising its truth and self-value.

If you are a 4/6, or have a lot of 4th and 6th lines in your profile, this is accentuated. (There is a similar pattern for 5/1 and 6/2 with open Solar Plexus, but let’s talk about that another time.) I once had a 5/1 tell me 4/6s are cold and distant and I didn’t agree, since the 4/6s I know are warm and friendly.

In the not-self the 4/6 can be different though. This happens for example when trust is broken and the heart immediately numbs (although this can be hard to catch). The result is that you feel frozen and hollow, only having access to objectivity.

I see this clearly because is have 4 line Core Wound which it’s the wound of (Self-)Rejection and Abandonment. I have 6th line Radiance, Purpose, and IQ sequentially after each other in the Golden Path/Hologenetic Profile.

When all these 4th and 6th lines turn on by shock or extreme disappointment, it’s almost impossible to cry no matter how sad you are. It’s impossible to be physically aggressive even if you feel the other person deserves it. You can explain the situation and what is going on without seeming emotional.

In this numb place, where the mind is very active, there is actually no access to emotions. The 6th line feels safer in objectivity. The 4th line is absolutely not going to feel the pain so it just numbs and convinces. With some 3rd lines in the mix, it can even sound emotional but it isn’t. It’s just a mask to be sure it can convince and get its Truth across to the other to reestablish the relationship. The 4th line is all about externalizing, sometimes so much so it forgets the inside and its individuality and only care about “us”.

This is quite a sad story, and it’s not the end station. If you or a loved one have those mechanics in your chart, you can start observing when it happens, and allow time and gentleness to melt the numbness. This kind of core wound heals through continuous softening, self-love, and the courage to express who you are. Sometimes it helps to tell the other what you are afraid of. That can take you back to your own emotions, your vulnerability, and let the other person feel you instead of just hearing your mind.

Good luck and much ❤️


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