All life is a play.
But are you playing your part?
There comes a time in our life where we may need to derobe ourselves of our own conditioning and the conditions of others. We take off the clothes of judgement, expectation, denial, repression, obscurity, struggle, blame. We remove the scarf wrapped tight around our neck telling us to suppress, oppress, constrict our voice. We remove the shackles around our hands and feet that were self imposed. The victim mindset we chose that created our prison. The cloak of invisibility or scarlet letter that we put on our chest must be removed.


and sometimes we choose to be the martyr, the heretic, the victim.
We even mix up our lines with others trying to be anything but ourselves. Or we choose an alter ego.

Does this mean we messed up? Does this mean we got it wrong? It’s always our choice. We cant mess it up or get it wrong except through the eyes of our own self judgement. Our perceptions make things right or wrong.

We can play the villain, we can play the hero, we can play the sidekick. It is our life and we choose. We can wear all the masks we want.

But wouldn’t it be grand to be able to play the leading role in your life where you were fully expressed, aligned with your truth and courageously standing in your own true power? Wouldnt it be grand to write the script and design your own life ?! Are you the observer or the observed? Are you playing the part, creating the part or watching the whole movie play out ?

Deconditioning helps us align with our true role in life.

what is deconditioning anyways ?
It’s a stripping away of any and everything that is not in alignment with your true self? (And the true self seen through the eyes of creator/god/source/all that is)

What is the True Self? It’s the you who is fully expressed. The one who is connected with his/her wholeness, truth, power and light completely.
When we align with love we align with expressed joy.

Deconditioning is releasing the not self.
**But ashley, was I ever really not myself.**

The person you are today was created and crafted from a series of choices throughout your life. You constructed this life you live and the person you are through the choices you made.
If you are unhappy with this, then you have just deemed your self the not self. It’s in exploring the shadows and victim patterns that you can then align yourself with the a different frequency to produce a different expression. Fix your eyes on the light within you. That light is also the light of god. And it is through that light that you can begin to redraft yourself in an image that is aligned with your higher self and god self.

Maybe up until now you chose to live in your open centers (looking for love, competing, hiding from the truth, asking questions that arent yours), in the shadow expressions, in the victim mindset.

And maybe today you are saying NO MORE. This is your choice and it always was. And the process of deconditioning is the process of realigning with a higher expression of your Self. Its playing in the gift frequencies and tasting the siddhis.

Its resetting and reclaiming your power and destiny as a fully expressed being. Surrender your filters, your beliefs, your expectations and express your light the way it was always meant to be.

Unobscured and in all its glory.
Illuminated and fully expressed.
You are the light of god.
Come out and play.

The deconditioning process begins here. Let’s discover your True Self underneath all of the costumes.

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