Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe

it really does.

And your culture sphere in your gene keys profile can illuminate what that phrase means for you.

As part of the pearl sequence, the culture sphere unlocks the wisdom into understanding the tribe YOU serve.
The tribe that serves YOUR MISSION.

This is an ESSENCE. A BEING. not a doing.
This is the key to your PROSPERITY.

Curious how society let’s us think prosperity comes as a result of DOING when actually it is a BEING.

You were designed to be ABUNDANT. And so your essence brings all the resources and people you need TO YOU.

Just like your attraction field (we learned about this in Amplified Attraction), your frequency/your vibe attracts exactly the right people, situations, circumstances to you and FOR YOU.

Want to know how to unleash prosperity into your life? What to know what environment you work best in? Want to know who you are meant to serve?

it’s time you got to know what this statement means for you

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blue dragon

this is interesting, actually have been focusing on attracting my tribe to me, a soul brother named liam shares with our chat group his journey. thanks much to contemplate on