41st Dream Arc

41st Dream Arc in the Codon Ring of Origins – Eel, Kangaroo, Swallow

In many Gene Keys, the Shadow is a “scattering”of the Siddhi.  The 41st Shadow of Fantasy breaks up pure Emanation (siddhi) into groundless cloudlet “I”’s and collective thought patterns. These pull us into tremendous swathes of belief and can command a whole lifetime.   The Gift brings the wandering herd into focus, a lens which can receive the Siddhi.  To anticipate should not be to fantasise.  To anticipate is to see the pattern and prepare the way; be canny.

Dream arc, 41st Gift: Kangaroo eastern grey

Each Gene Key is a hologram of the 63 others.  The 41st Gift “anticipates” the incoming morphogenetic field; a fabulous flowering of conscious choice in the Codon Ring of Origin.

The choice is tough but simple.  Fantasy’s treadmill? … or walk the path?  To begin anything new requires a conscious effort.

For me this means making firm decisions against distraction; against spinning out my co-dependent issues for instance.  (I anticipate today the next gene key in the series – the 19th.) Tune up the frequency-level against the load!  It is amazingly hard to let go of my painful patter of musts and ought’s.

The Prime Emanation of 41!  All by itself in the Ring of Origins, it partners 31 (Speak your Truth) in the Ring of No Return.

Fantasy is the broil-up I suffer from whenever life feels complicated.  It’s all my own scarecrow.  The immediate visual image is two crossed sticks dressed up in old clothes and a hat, with domestic cans and tins attached to bang and rattle in the winter wind.   I feel the unnecessary noise around my core stability.

This is the Gene Key excelling in the vast fertile immensity of non-coding DNA which those of small scientific brain call “junk DNA”. For the clever ones who peck at it like hens, it is the rattling cans.

The images online of eels approaching you with open jaws are  scary, like very deep sharks; truly a Fear Key.  The eel is an underwater serpent or dragon with a vastly all-absorbing mouth.  It stabilises my present feeling of relationship imbalance to picture the creature who disquiets me slipping quietly along the dark riverbed; a long tubular muscle in harmonic undulation with the current.

Let my anxiety slip into just that form of being.  Go eel-catching:  see my samskara and its troublous natter as an eel among the roots of reeds;  just watch.

41st Shadow – komodo dragon & eel girl

My only physical experience with eels was long ago fishing for them in a brook by the sea at Paestum in southern Italy.  We lifted up glittering armfuls of tiny eels from the bed, made a fire and roasted them.  Do we dwell on our “troubles” because they are so tasty?

I feel somewhat relieved from mine now by going to look at it in this different way.   Eels can be tiny, but also enormous.  In London we have an East End culture of “jellied eels” and also an Eel Pie Island – on the Thames near Twickenham: a nature reserve and studio for artists.

“Junk DNA” is  the psyche’s natural proliferation when it is let off the leash; the tribal nets of free-associations can go on opening, expanding and forming their inward-fractal coastlines for ever; the tendency is to get stuck in the jaws of just one of them, and to grapple with the Fantasy.  The actual inter-relatedness of all the eel-threads is vast beyond the human measure.  To truly relate to the web is to touch only lightly, the bog of local explanation efforts.

To see and accept this is one way of stepping back from a tiresome problem or nag.  Who can solve an eel?

Tetons at dawn

The 41st Gene Key is a “Start codon”.  That means that ANYTHING can start from here.  It governs the adrenals.  The I Ching Hexagram is a Mountain reflected in a Lake.  This is an arresting image!  When the Holy One kisses the Waters in Genesis, everything “begins”; the marvellous concentric ripple moves outward.

Each instant actually this is so; for God to behold God.  It is profoundly relaxing to accept and be this omnipresent supernova: the actual fact of the billions of cells interactive together as this “me”.  As in the Buddhist Sutra of Innumerable Meanings, they “arise, settle, change and fade”.  My impermanence is forever.

Today’s radio astronomers detect a few supernovas among the galaxies.  I believe there are as many trillions of supernovas interconnected stages of expansion as there are cells and atoms in our body, for it is the Divine Body of Adam Qadmon. The human genre as we awake, begins to join up the stars: to realise the flickering flow of galactic DNA – the cosmic serpent.

What is a mite of knowledge in the face of awe?

In this sense my homely eel is a rabbit-hole!  Down the rabbit-hole went Alice in Wonderland and the odysseys in quantum-biology physics.  And in this domain – homeopathically – are all our resources of healing.  Healing is a re-settlement of an alignment which was disturbed.  Healing is re-settlement.

All things arise, settle, change and fade.  When the breath, the tide moving in and out of the body, is soft and slow, this is intuited, the billions of eels are alive with cosmic Purpose … the local Purpose in my own profile, which is 42 – “Letting go of Living and Dying”.

In touch …

Dream arc 41 – Shadow, Gift and Siddhi, the path of Anticipation moves from Fantasy to Emanation.  The swallow with its aerodynamic body curve was difficult to draw.  I would like my creatures to be more expressionist than nature-studies, and hope I may retrieve the skill.

The Gift of Anticipation!   This beautiful and at present endangered creature reminds me of my old flying dreams which were powered by great hops – from the ground, or within the air itself which seemed to condense to a springboard.  During each hop my whole physical and subtle body was engaged in focused navigation.  We are ground-bound, but as the higher-frequency gains ground within us, so the joyous leap expands … with the new life in our belly.

“The 41st Gene Key represents the basic pressure to evolve – to seek out new pastures and new experiences … one of the things you become particularly aware of is the presence of morphogenetic fields” – Gaia’s energy grids.

Every single start codon inside every single cell of your body is electromagnetically linked to each other.  This is the foundation of the holographic body which is linked electromagnetically to the holographic universe … once you (overcoming human inertia) have discovered the knack of influencing your own DNA, you can literally re-programme every cell in your body …” (Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys).  Ponder this!

41’s programming partner 31 (Sound your Truth) forms the Ring of No Return with 62, the Language of Light.

What beauty!  Emanation’s Ourobouros – the Siddhi – is pictured in the Dream Arc as a Swallow.

In this light I glimpse the darting swift swoop of vast planetary bodies around galactic black holes – the Mother Egg and star-maker.  The 41st Gene Key is Alice’s journey through the rabbit hole at every stage.

Ouroboros & triple flower – detail from Alexander Roob’s “Alchemy and Mysticism”

“The doctrine of emanation points towards a fractal model of the universe in which everything emerges infinitely as a mirror image of itself…”    … precisely as DNA and RNA the “copier” entwine each other as lovers.  The heartbeat of the “copying” contains an infinite versatility.

Imagine the darting pulse of every swallow in flight – each pulse an Emanation.  Where does that come from?  Yesterday I watched the sparrows in winter sunshine, they whirred around my mother’s house with bursts of supercharged energy and fire in flight; the same force is in their song.  It is like when we were small children filled with irrepressible bounce, stretch and dance.  Each particle contains this supernova pressure to erupt: the force of life and the Sun itself – “your very existence is divine!”

Remember and honour it so.   Even with slowed-down aging body or sitting on a train, the contemplation itself strikes home.  Emanation!

And … a note I found, on Richard’s talk in 2014, about the Seven Ages or epoch time-bodies:

“INVOLUTION – the beginning of Earth and spark and crystal and life is geometric – the 1st or  Polarian consciousness.  It starts with these forms – (even through the volcanoes and deluges and meteor bombardments of the aeons.  Their elemental pressure is the Creation of the platonic geometries of the vegetable, animal and human soul.)   Archangels.   Laws.   Angels.   This is an utterly different perception of time and manifestation.”

(41st dream arc mineral: Celestine)


“The 2nd consciousness is Hyperborean.  Boreas: Winds, oceans, photosynthesis.  Devas and Quintessences … “

And so on …

The nuptial union of Chronos, Hades and Sun with Zeus’s blessing ripens into the 41st gene key’s “Start codon” at this time in January.  Follow the opportunity!  What do I START today?

With the kangaroo Gift I breathe, create and carry my young in my belly; I am seeded.  In Kabbalah we talk of the primordial whirlings in the Emanation.

What does the scarecrow STARTLE?

Wake up from the dead, you and I are stars …




For more information:
The Book: Gene Keys –
unlocking the Higher Purpose hidden in your DNA
by Richard Rudd 2013

Art and Creative writing credited to Jane Adams http://janeadamsart.wordpress.com/

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