Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 41

Reset your cells through ANTICIPATION

This Gene Key is connected to the amino acid Methionine which is the initiator amino acid which is used to make proteins for the body. In genetics it is considered the start codon, meaning – the body acts on what ever instructions follow this code (atg).

Genetics used to believe that we were a victim of our genes. But later the findings of Epigenetcis teaches that we are in control of the expression of our genes and the whole story is right here in this Gene Key.

Our body is being recreated daily, through cell regeneration. Science says that we have a whole new body every 7-10 years. This is because where ever the start codon shows up, the body is being instructed to create what shows up after it.

It is our choice if we want to be recreating unhealthy cells or creating new healthy cells.

So what dictates how the cells are being generated? The answer is in this gate. It is attached to our nervous system which affects our adrenals (this gene keys physiology). When we are in fear, our sympathetic nervous system signals the cells to either not be regenerated or to be recreated unhealthy.

For us to regenerate new, healthy cells we need to not bring the past into the present by living in the gift of Anticipation. When we bring the past into the now, we are bringing in the shadow frequency, a state of fear where the cell cannot heal, expand, or grow.

We can look at the shadow frequencies to see how living in Fantasy affects the physical body and how you can adjust your perception of reality to create new healthy cells.

Repressive: “Dreamy” – This shadow frequency lives in flight/freeze mode of the nervous system. Choosing to escape or disconnect from the body and reality through fantasy. This shadow prevents you from taking actions in your life to support your physical body’s needs keeping your body in a state of fear because it does not feel safe. Over time, being in the sympathetic nervous system affects your digestion, vascular system and adrenals.

Reactive – “Hyperactive” – This shadow frequency is all about being in the fight mode of the nervous system. Never resting in the now and doing whatever it takes to reach your dreams! In turn burning out your adrenals because you are not connected to what the body needs in the moment because in your dreams, the body has no limitations. The mind never feels complete in the now and is a slave driver always pushing your big dreams.


  1. Get connected to your body and observe your nervous system. Are you in freeze mode – not taking any action? Are you in flight mode – not connected to the body or anything in your life, completely numb? Are you in fight mode – not allowing yourself to rest.
  2. Check in with your body and ask, where is your energy coming from? Life force or adrenals.
  3. Face your fears of the future. What fears of the past are you bringing into the present.
  4. Contemplate how can you step into the frequency of Anticipation to change your perception of reality.
  5. Support your adrenal system by discovering how you can allow your body to rest in the now.
    • Supplements like Ashwaghanda, magnesium, rhodiola
    • Restorative yoga
    • Breath-work to reset your parasympathetic nervous system
    • Qigong to restore your kidney energy
    • Acupressure points for the bladder meridian (Nervous system)
  6. Check out transit 38 for more great tips on the Adrenals

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