Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 60

A happy Colon = A happy Life!

I loved contemplating this gate and it’s many connections to the physical body!

The repressive and reactive nature’s really spoke to me with the body.

What I see is that the structure of the 60th is connected to the structure of our body (the bones, muscles and tissues) and the structure of our POOP!

The Structure of the Body:

Being in the repressive nature of “unstructured” points to being too flexible in your body, whether that be because your muscles are too flexible, your joints are not stable or the muscles are too weak.

Being in the reactive nature of being too “rigid” points to the muscles, and tendons being too tight or not balanced enough between strength and mobility.

The body needs to have a balance between strength and flexibility so that it can flow and roll with the punches in life. When it becomes inflexible or too rigid, it will pull your bones out of alignment. When our spine is not aligned we are not aligned in our life!

How does the structure of your body reflect how you are in your life? Repressive or reactive?

The Structure of the Poop:

Our elimination patterns point to the structure of our poop. When there is not enough structure we tend to have way too loose stools because things are moving too fast through our body and we are not receiving the nutrients from our food. When there is too much structure / rigidity in the stool, this shows up as constipation or way less healthy bowel movements. The structure of your stool shows you if you are holding on to things that are not serving you or if you are being too passive and not committed and releasing everything flowing through you.

How does the structure of your stool and number of daily movements reflect how you are in your life? Repressive or reactive?


1. Check to see how your posture is. How is your spinal alignment? How is your flexible and strength? Is it balanced from you back and side to side in the body?
3. Analyze your poop! How is the structure? Is it too loose or too rigid?
4. Cleanse your body to release the toxins.
5. Support your digestive system with drinking enough water, getting enough fibre, omega 3 fatty acids and probiotics
6. Check in to see how many bowel movements you are having a day. Health guide – 2-3 structures per day.
7. Move your body, get your heart rate up to help move the energy through your body.

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