Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 38

Hip Flexors

Did you know that the adrenal glands are interconnected to your hip flexors (posas muscle)?

When you are stressed, cortisol is released from the adrenals, and the hip flexors contract for protection. Chronic tension in your hips can keep your nervous system in fight, flight or freeze, and continuously drawing on your adrenal stores. If this continues, eventually, it will tax your pre-natal Qi and make it very challenging to replenish. You can view your pre-natal Qi like your bank account, once you run out of your savings, you dip into credit and it can take awhile to pay it off and rebuild your savings.

When your hip flexors are tight, it deactivates your glutes, creating a misalignment in your hips and spine by keeping you in hip flexion. Everything in our body is reflected in our 3D reality. So when your hips are out of alignment, it is a reflection of being misaligned from your Soul in the root centre.

When the body is in the sympathetic nervous system it causes your fascia to tighten around the muscles to hold the body in a shadow pattern to feel safe. In this state, it cannot heal, or release shadow patterns out of fear.


Calm your nervous system through:

  • conscious breath-work
  • not over expending your energy
  • avoiding sitting or hip flexion when possible
  • stretching and rolling your hip flexors
  • supplementing with things that calm your body like chelated magnesium.


When incorporating stretching, rolling or movements, do it with the intention to move your body into the gift or siddhi frequency.

Engage your core, and tighten your glutes when standing to bring your hips into proper alignment.

Hold the stretches for a minimum of 2 minutes, and below pain tolerance to allow time for the fascia to relax so the stretch will stick.

Releasing your hip flexors will help with back pain, anxiety, and insomnia.

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Antonio Madison

Valuable and quite insightful. Thank you very much for sharing ???


Wow, I had no idea- another great thing to do is qigong to tonify the kidneys – which brings energy to the low back

Dennis Battler

Re fascia hip flexors psoas hip alignment adrenals stress … all intuitive focus of my attention 6 years ago in seeking physical support via acupuncture and massage therapy (supported by available teaching clinics at no cost) … instinctively knowing if I could loosen my hips to sit in lotus in yoga, life would be better. Fought with egotistical instructors to have my insight validated to no avail. Instead got support from intuitive minded students, until finally hitting a brick wall and gave up in Dec 2019.  Only one of many ways and stories of lifelong encounters with “corrupt authorities” having… Read more »


Thank you for sharing. This article solved the decades-old mystery of why my hip starts to ache and swell as soon as I start moving out of patterns that keep me … struggling.