Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 61

Exhale “In (Inner) – Spiration“ (Breath)

The Pressure of Why is at the depth of all human psyches, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is the great mystery of life! 

As I contemplated this transit, I discovered that the Pineal Gland, connected to this Gene Key, is also a great mystery! Science is still trying to discover what it’s purpose is. Isn’t that quite interesting when the dots get connected.

What I did discover is that most health literature explains that pineal gland only being responsible for regulating the sleep cycle by producing and releasing melatonin, as well as regulating the sex hormones. As I dug deeper I found some literature explaining that the pineal gland is actually the “Master Regulator” of the body and it bridges the connection between the endocrine system and the nervous system. Hmmmm… could this also be the bridge connecting the physical to the non-physical?

Science is beginning to uncover some of the mystery of the pineal gland. What science thought was the role of the Pituitary gland, master conductor of all the other glands and organs, it is actually cued by the pineal gland. 

What I find fascinating is the mystery gland and the mystery Gene Key are connected to the obsessive mind and searching for answers while science is searching to discover what the full function of the pineal gland is. But if it is a mystery, they will not find the answer through science. The only answer lies within the physical body.

When we look into the Shadows, what I see is the Repressive (Disenchanted) becoming a victim of health conditions / hereditary genes by giving up self empowerment and inner strength to heal from within. Just accepting it as destiny.

I see the Reactive (Fanatical) as attaching to a diagnosis / label with their health and when someone brings another perspective to them, they get triggered. With the obsessive mind, recreating this diagnosis over and over again because it is truth.

When trying to either find out the answers in the mind or being rigid on one perspective, it keeps you in the biofeedback loop and creates pressure in the head. This can disconnect you from the body and create an escape from the current reality. 

The pressure of both these shadow frequencies affect the pineal gland. The mind tries to take over the role of “Master Regulator” of the body. So it’s easy to conclude that when we live from the mind and are searching for answers we are affecting our endocrine system and/or nervous system.

So what can you do?

First, try to accept that the answers you are seeking are unknown and pull yourself back into your body and out of the shadow.

Second, the Pineal gland is activated by light! So get your Vitamin D on!


  • Get as much sunshine daily as possible. Or supplement with vitamin or light therapy.
  • Get some sleep. Increase melatonin levels by regulating your light exposure in the evening and supplement with melatonin when needed. 
  • Get as much isoleucine in your diet or through supplementation.
  • Empty your mind daily through journaling, talking to someone or mindfulness.
  • Release the mental pressure through creativity.  

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