Sun Mercury Saturn and Pluto in Human Design Gate 61

This week we have a rare alignment of the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Human Design Gate 61.  Human Design gate 61 usually transits around January 11th-16th depending on where you are in the world.

This gate is often referred to as the Gate of Why.  It can create a lot of mental pressure.  To ease the mental pressure, it can help to take some time out to meditate or find a hobby that can keep your mind preoccupied and out of your head.  When you find stillness in the mind and let go of the why or way, you can find your inner truth.

In a normal year we normally only have one planet in gate 61, but this year we have The Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in Human Design Gate 61.  We are being asked what is your inner truth?  What in your life are you ready to let go of or transform?  This energy can cause us to be more anxious and feel a need to put structure to our thoughts and our lives.  It can bring awareness to any negative thinking, overthinking and fears.  While this gate transits we also have the potential to think big, but also need to come to peace with not knowing all the answers.  This gate can cause the desire to know the unknowable.  People with the gate often enjoy learning about occult knowledge, such as mediumship, tarot, and astrology because they can have such a strong desire to know why.  This gate carries the potential for claircognizance, a psychic knowingness.  People with this gate often enjoy taking time out of their day just to think it can also be very helpful for them to have the time to think and meditate.  People with this gate often get their intuition in the form of images in their minds.  People with this gate often like to have the last word in a conversation.

We may really want to know why, but have a huge potential to be too scared to find out why.  It is important to push through these fears to release yourself from the pressure, so you can move forward with your life.

This is a turning point where we can let go of something.  We have the ability to work through issues we thought we may have not been able to resolve in the past and we can change and transform during this time

We will feel the pressure to transform very strong during this time.  Gate 61 is a Capricorn energy and Capricorn represents responsibility, duty, hard work, discipline, organization, and structure.  Capricorn is also related to government administration and law and climbing the ladder of success.  This energy can be very hard working.  During this time we will have a transformation in the government structure, the structure of our lives and really focus on what our why is, our inner truth.  During this time, we can also get answers to lingering concerns in our lives.’’  We may not realize it right away, but this is a turning point in our life that we will look back on and say, “that is the moment things started to change in my life.”

The gate 61 can be looked at from multiple different perspectives.  As I mentioned earlier can be wanting to know why, the fear of knowing why, mental pressure, and needing structure in your life.  It can also be very inspiring and having an inner knowing or intuition, but it can also get stuck in its knowingness and think that what is knows is the only way.  This gate is part of the knowing circuit in Human Design.

This gate is the gate that often encourages us to be inspired by others.  This gate seeks to be inspired.  This gate is also where the mystery of life lives.  Life will always be a mystery and we will always be seeking answers to our questions.

This is a time when it is important to look within yourself and find our own inner truth and at this time with the Saturn Pluto conjunction in gate 61.3 we are being asked what is your inner truth?  What are you ready to organize in your life or transform?  With Saturn in gate 61.3, we are being asked, what area of your life are you ready to take charge of and stop overthinking and take action to get you out of the mental pressure.  With Pluto in gate 61.3 the decisions we make will create a big transformation in our lives.  This is a big-time for change.  During this time we have a big potential to see the truth.  If you would like to see where this Saturn Pluto conjunction is happening in your life, check out my article on which house system is most accurate to find out which house system feels most correct for your and also which house you have Capricorn in your birth chart.  I invite you to join my Health Manifested Facebook group to discuss which house system you resonate most with and I would love to hear how this Saturn Pluto conjunction has affected you in your life.  If you would are not interested in interacting in a group you can also get notifications of my current articles and astrology related inspirational quotes on the Health Manifested Facebook Page.  Also if you would rather get email notifications, make sure to join the mailing list to get the most recent articles.

Original Article from Health Manifested with permission to repost from Victoria Bagnell

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