Creating A Home and Safe Haven for Our Children

There is enough adversity, pain and suffering in the world. We do not need to generate more of it in the home to “prepare” our kids for the outside world.

Instead, we are here to be the change and the role models for our kids. We are here to be the LOVE they come home to.

We are here to remind them of tis LOVE so that they can be it for others in times of stress and upheaval of emotions.

We are here to show them they don’t need to callous or close their hearts when met with the “real world.” We model how we chose to operate differently from the norm.

Being the change and being the love takes courage.

We rise above the aggression, emotional projection, competition, comparison, judgement and expectations of the world by not adding more to it.

We teach compassion, forgiveness, emotional intelligence, how to “win” with peace and diplomacy and how to love yourself so deeply that other peoples opinions and judgements of your don’t matter.

We offer tenderness, respect and equality to our kids. Not adversity.

It is easier to mirror the collective paradigm then to be the exalted expression, yes. But to be the change you wish to see in the world teaches children how to respond to life through being love instead of reacting to the pain with pain. We teach them to remain in integrity with their love center.

Be the love. Be the change. Be the force for good.

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