Contemplations with Your Body: Transit 13

I really enjoyed diving into this Gene Key, it was pretty mind blowing.

This Gene Key is connected to the Amygdala, a part of the limbic system of the brain. The limbic system switches on your sympathetic nervous system when it senses danger, it’s our innate animal instincts. It is always responding to our environment before we are consciously aware.

It does this through our emotions. The amygdala triggers your emotions faster than the conscious mind does to warn you of danger. 

When it can become a problem is, if we are being triggered by things that are not truly dangerous for us. If we have trauma that we have not healed, we have emotions stuck / repressed in our body and they will arise when anything reminds the body/subconscious of that event.

The amygdala is going to create DISCORD in the body when it’s triggered unconsciously. When you feel the emotion, you either try to repress it and become pessimistic or reactive / project it and become narrow minded.

A trapped emotion that triggers you is merely a sign that there is a lesson you are yet to learn from the initial event. Your body is letting you know through the trigger that it’s ready to be released and you are ready to learn the lesson.

So what can you do?

  • Use discernment with your emotions and your environment.
  • Let the emotion be expressed / released and listen with curiosity to what the lesson is to be learned.
  • Focus on calming your nervous system and talk yourself into a higher place. 

Ps – If you have experienced a very traumatic situation , your limbic system is already sensitive and you will probably be hypersensitive if you have this Gene a Key or while in transit and be triggered more by light, sound, smells, and touch.

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