Human Design Gate 13

As the Sun was approaching Human Design Gate 13, I was contemplating the energy and looking back on all I have learned over the last year without even realizing we were heading into the Gate 13, a gate that can sometimes be considered a gate that can get stuck in the past.

Looking back really helped me see more clearly how my past experiences have created the culmination of my website and the successes I have today. I didn’t know at the time, but my experience as a receptionist helped me develop empathy and the ability to listen to the customer’s needs. When I was a Network Administrator at a Christian school, I developed a deep trust in God, I gained experience using Mac computers, which was needed for my web development career as well as countless other experiences that led me to where I am today. When I was a web developer I learned skills at the time I didn’t realize would be later used to help me develop, Health Manifested. My experience with Search Engine Optimization helped me quickly rise to the top of the Google Search engine. What started as a hobby, Human Design, turned into a successful career and so much more. Human Design Gate 13 is an Aquarius energy, which is a forward-thinking energy. As we move into this gate I want to ask you are you listening to what the past has taught you? Are you living in the past or learning from the past? What are you doing now to create a better future for yourself?

Check out my article on Human Design Gate 13 to learn more.

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Thanks for sharing! Every bit of information seems like another piece of the puzzle. Or perhaps another key to open the gates of understanding the enigma of HD.