Archetype 21: Flow vs Force

by Dallas Michael

When Control is useful and you’re in healthy masculine energy you have clear access to your ability to take action as needed. And, to do so, without the desire or need to manipulate outcomes or others. There you find a natural order of trusting the FLOW of life v.s FORCING life. Acting according to what is aligned & present and letting go, AND trusting the outcomes.

I have been in the shadow of that control, when beyond my own actions I was subtly (or sometimes not so subtly) trying to control how things turned out, how others acted or felt, or how people saw and treated me.

As I learned to be in my Authority I looked less for control, focusing my energy less on outcomes and others and simply began standing more in my own power, standing more in my inner confidence, my inner authority. Trusting the skills & wisdom I’ve acquired and trusting in the natural order of life. Active Surrender I call it.

You don’t have to convince people to trust you. When you trust YOU and trust life, people naturally feel they can trust you and you become an Authority in their life. Not in the sense of being an authority “Over” anyone, in the sense that they look to you as honorable, trustworthy, grounded, honest, etc…

From there the inevitable experience is VALOR. Because you become a beacon of integrity. No force, manipulation or control needed. You don’t have any desire or interest to control because you know the fruitless nature of that energy and behavior.


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