Human Design Gate 17

As we are entering Human Design Gate 17, I am seeing people who are not usually opinionated sharing their opinions about what is going on in the world. I had someone contact me and told me that they believe the Corona virus is caused by the 5G cell phone signals. Some people believe they will be just fine and it is nothing to worry about, while others are extremely prepared to hide out in their homes. While we were in Human Design Gate 36, the Gate of Crisis the shelves of the grocery stores were completely empty. As we moved into Human Design Gate 25, people became fearful and started showing the ones they loved more love. Now while I am writing this article I am listening to someone in the other room talk on the phone about their opinion of the virus. Next we will be entering Human Design Gate 21, the Gate of Control. Do you think there will be more control next week? The following week is Human Design Gate 51, the gate of Shock. Do you think we will be shocked by the control put on us by the previous week or shocked by something the government decides to do or say? Do you see the truth in Human Design? I got a little off topic here with Human Design Gate 17, but as you can see, I am asking, what is your opinion? Click here to learn more about Human Design Gate 17.

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You stopped after gate 51, but what comes next??? The 42…the gate of endings, or I’ve even heard Ra tie it to….death and dying 🙁