Illuminated Archetype: Chart Interpretations for the 36

Many chart examples with Gene Key 36 in the Activation Sequence or prominent positions in the Hologenetic Profile.

How can this archetype show up in your life? How does it read? What is the difference of having it on the conscious and the unconscious side of the Activation Sequence? How does it express itself depending on the lines 5/2, 2/4, 6/3 etc?

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Virginia Lee

Thank you Bella for this little chart reading. It was good to have a fresh perspective on it, and a lot of what you said really resonated, especially how I collapse in on myself when I feel into all those heavy projections, and feeling misunderstood most of the time. I’m grateful to have all that creative juiciness on the inside to sustain me though and to emerge from. Spending lots of time in nature soothes my soul in so many ways, the perfect mediator to those extremes.