Your Core Wound


look at the LINE OF YOUR CORE WOUND and feel into THAT EXACT SEAL. Example: Core is 57.4 – 4th Seal of Epiphany and GK 43

Questions to Contemplate:

Can I resonate with this description of the core wound?

How does this (core wounding) show up in my life now and in the past?

Do I resonate with the Gene Key associated with the Seal?

What can I learn through it?

How can this weakness/wounding become my greatest strength?

The 7 Sacred Seals


The First Seal is opened by the Siddhi of Divine Will, which heals human repression. Repression is the primary wound of humanity, since it refers to the very storage of karma in the DNA of the physical body. It is because of the layers and layers of karma in your DNA that the higher subtle bodies are obscured from your awareness. Karma is a deep physical tension expressed as fear, and it inhabits every cell of your body. Only through the Grace of the 40th Siddhi can this karma be transmuted. The 40th Siddhi represents Divine Will, which is the only force powerful enough to transform all the layers of tension. Divine Will actually means complete relaxation, so as this seal opens throughout humanity, the physical body finally comes into complete relaxation. As it relaxes progressively into deeper and deeper states, the higher subtle bodies can express themselves fully. In the end, your body becomes nothing more than a completely relaxed instrument of Divine Will. Because this seal has to do with releasing core tension from the physical body, at a collective level it will eventually eradicate all disease from our planet.


The Second Seal is opened by the 17th Siddhi of Omniscience and its target is the wound of denial. Denial is the external expression of fear as anger and aggression. If your core wound is denial then you are unable to see and take responsibility for your own negative behaviour. The more someone tries to show you your denial, the more powerful it becomes. Throughout humanity this wound expresses itself through fundamentalism, violence and sexuality. The only force that can break denial is Omniscience, which is what occurs when, even if only for a split second, your vision is opened and your higher bodies literally look down into your mental and astral bodies. This notion of being seen through comes as a deep shock to the recipient, who usually experiences a complete and permanent rebirth after the event. Once you can see your own denial, it is no longer denial. It is through the opening of this second seal that certain people experience sudden conversions or higher callings. At the collective level, this seal will bring great healing to human sexuality and will eventually extinguish violence.


The Third Seal is opened through the 25th Siddhi of Universal Love. This is one of the most pervasive forms of Divine Grace, and as it reaches down into human beings it triggers a huge wave of release that can spread from person to person like a positive virus. This seal heals the human wound of shame. Shame is brought about by a profound feeling of worthlessness. It is out of this feeling of deep shame that the whole world of hierarchy and competitiveness has come about. As the Siddhi of Universal Love descends into humanity, our urge to escape our own shame through selfishness and greed gives way to feelings of great joy and self love. It is this self love that leads to altruism and philanthropy rather than competition. Shame is obsessed with hiding, but Universal Love shows you that no matter where you hide, love is still there. It is through the opening of this third seal that you finally begin to enjoy life for what it is rather than always chasing some ideal future. As humanity experiences this opening, it will lead to a complete breakthrough in the way we use money and a final ending to human greed.


The Fourth Seal is opened by the 43rd Siddhi of Epiphany, symbolised by the descent of the dove of peace. Epiphany heals the wound of rejection, the wound that keeps human beings from opening their hearts fully to one another. Epiphany is actually a shattering experience in which the higher three bodies (symbolised by the Gifts of the three Magi of the Christian Epiphany) explode through into the lower bodies, opening the heart from the inside. As this seal is opened, the many barriers that humans have erected will begin to fall away — our countries, borders, armies and all aspects that attempt to protect and defend us from each other. On an individual level, the fourth seal opens the potential for you to lead a truly romantic life where you need hide nothing from anyone, and in which you wear your heart openly on your sleeve. Once human beings overcome the fear of external rejection, they become pure agents of Grace through their friendliness, openness and honesty. On a collective level, this seal opens the heart centre in humanity and manifests as kindness. This Siddhi will bring an end to world poverty.


The Fifth Seal is opened through the 4th Siddhi of Forgiveness. As one of the great involving Siddhis of Grace, forgiveness has a special purpose — to work its way backwards into the collective DNA of humanity, releasing the many karmic blocks that plague the various gene pools. The Fifth Seal is specifically targeted to heal the patterns of unconscious guilt upon which karma is built. Guilt is a kind of karmic debt which exists between one person and another, or even between one race and another. As the power of forgiveness works its way into the human genome, so many ancestral curses will finally be lifted. This seal in particular has the capacity to create world peace, as individuals and whole nations forgive others the debts they are owed. The Grace that comes with forgiveness has unprecedented power and brings a sense of true justice back to humanity. Forgiveness is a direct manifestation of the fifth body, the Buddhic body, which has the capacity to literally burn karma out of our DNA. At a collective level, the releasing of all this world karma will bring an end to war.


As the final stage in the sequence (the seventh is the glorious afterglow), the Sixth Seal delivers the coup de grace as it heals the ultimate human wound — that of separation. Because to most of us the higher realities of our true nature are obscured; we have essentially been separated from the Divine for most of our lives. Because we feel this separation so keenly, we constantly seek fulfilment in the outer world. Ironically, it is this very seeking that keeps us from experiencing our true nature, which is to be found deep within our own suffering. The opening of the Sixth Seal is made possible through the 63rd Siddhi of Truth. Truth is something you become one with rather than something you find out there. Through the opening of this seal, every individual will come to know their true nature as an aspect of one vast consciousness. Absolute Truth is a collective phenomenon that will one day be fully embodied as the whole of humanity spontaneously recognises itself as a single Divine organism. Only then, at that marvellous moment, will all human seeking and striving come to an end. So it is that this 63rd Siddhi, through its direct realisation and expansive embodiment, will bring a crushing end to the greatest of human curses — indifference. The Sixth Seal delivers the “coup de grace” as it heals the ultimate human wound — that of separation.


In the Book of Revelations, the opening of the seven seals is surrounded by layer upon layer of rich, apocalyptic imagery. Unless you are well versed in alchemical symbolism, it will be very difficult for you to penetrate to the true meaning of this wonderful prophetic transmission. There is, moreover, a demarcation between the opening of the first six seals and the opening of the Seventh Seal. The Seventh Seal involves seven angels and seven trumpets which sound the final judgement of humanity. The Seventh Seal is the spirit of Grace itself (represented by the 22nd Siddhi), and Grace descends only after great transmutation. It is like the rainbow that appears after the great storm, bringing complete transfiguration (the 47th Siddhi). On an individual level, the Seventh Seal represents the final absorption of all the previous six layers of the human aura into the monadic body, the primordial essence. At this level, even the flood of revelations and high frequencies of the atmic body must be surrendered into the void of what the mystics term the seventh heaven. We are told in the Book of Genesis that God rested on the seventh day of creation, and this sevenfold pattern is reflected in many other cultural traditions. In the Hindu system, when the seventh chakra known as sahashara blooms, the Divine essence can finally reunite with the material plane. St. John describes this event as the coming of a new heaven and a new earth. As this seventh monadic plane absorbs the final vestiges of our separateness, each plane below and its frequencies disintegrate, to be reintegrated as the true monadic essence. This is the meaning of the sounding of the seven trumpets, which represent the seven layers of frequencies of the human aura. At the collective level, the opening of the Seventh Seal refers to the coming of the final human epoch and the return of the human race to its original Edenic state. It is the great trumpet fanfare announcing the redemption of all beings.

Rudd, Richard. The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA .

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Cheryl Hiller

Good description. My book is in storage, and I wanted to refresh. TY.