For the Altruistic Leaders

You were born to be Selfless. The difference between being self sacrificing or self centred is separated by a few frequencies. It is already in your DNA.

When you can get to the root fear that is having the expression come from the Shadow vs the Siddhi, you will shift rapidly.

Embrace the shadow aspect by seeing it from the perspective of being an immature/fearful expression of the Siddhi.

The shadow is a Gift! It needs a redirection. It is showing you where you are misaligned with your Pod / Tribe.

When you are misaligned from your tribe, it leaks energy.

When you try to force this misalignment, it brings out the shadow aspect and depletes your physical body / your personal Chi.

When you are aligned, there is ample life force energy flowing through you for your tribe.


  1. How does it feel in your body when you are serving your tribe? (Altruism)
  2. What emotions and feelings do you experience when you are serving your tribe?
  3. How does it feel in your body when you are serving those that are not in your tribe?
  4. What fears and thoughts come up when you are serving serving those that are not in your tribe?

Grab your Gene Key Profile. Look at your Profile and note the number after the decimal points. Uncover some of your patterns below. Do these resonate? Make specific note of your purpose and radiance sphere. If you want to rise up as a leader you have to take care of yourself too.

Line 1 – Are you repressing your needs? Are you repressing things that don’t feel good because you have others to take care of first?
Line 2 – Are you denying you have needs? What needs are giving to others, but you denying yourself of?
Line 3 – Are you shaming yourself for what you need or want? Are you shaming yourself when you to take care of your needs first?
Line 4 – Are you rejecting yourself and your body? Are you rejecting yourself by not filling your needs at all?
Line 5 – Do you feel guilty for taking care of yourself? Do you feel guilty for serving your needs first?
Line 6 – Have you become disassociated from your body so you don’t have any needs? Do you feel disconnected from your body and don’t know what you need?

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