Nourishing your Body or your Ego?

Over the years, I have had a challenging time distinguishing when it’s my body or my ego that wants something. Can you relate to that?

Being in the Health / Wellness service industry, and knowing what you should or shouldn’t eat/do, created a lot of shame for me when I personally didn’t follow the “rules.”

But seriously, there are so many “rules” and they are always changing! It can get so confusing when we are told what we should or shouldn’t eat.

Then I found my ego getting caught in this game of rebellion against all the rules!

I have been a very “all or none” type person throughout my life and moderation was not even a thing… I can see this now was actually an addiction, or a way of being in some kind of control.

On my path of awakening, I started to let go of the “rules” of what I can or cannot have and the deep shame that followed. I began to listen to what my body needed and wanted in each moment.

Which brings up a very big question…

How do I know the difference between what my body wants and what my ego wants?

I began to notice that my Ego was giving myself a “Hall Pass” to eat whatever it wanted, so that it was no longer being governed by construct of duality – I can or can’t have something, Good /Bad, Healthy/Unhealthy etc. This was just another level of the shadow having me repress / reject the needs of my body.

Here are my contemplation around discovering what I am nourishing…

  1. The body is waaaaaay more quiet than the ego! The body will not put up a fight if you don’t give it what it wants or needs. Overtime it will show up as a physical ailment, discomfort or dis-ease.
  2. A question I like to ask is…. “Do I have to have this right now?” If the answer is “Yes”, then it is from the Ego. If the answer is “No”, it could still be the Ego. I invite you to challenge the “No” because the ego will tell you, you don’t need it, so that you pass the test and eat it!
  3. What is your current frequency? What is the PH of your body? I have discovered that if I am in a lower frequency, your ego will be craving things that are a vibrational match to it. Move into iquiry.
  4. When you crave something, and you get the answer that it is from your EGO, tune into your body and contemplate, what does my body need right now. Maybe you are craving chips… Is your body craving salt? Or a sustainable carb for energy? Is your body tired and need a rest? Are your adrenals taxed? That can have you crave salt.
  5. When I do choose to eat something for my Ego, I try to do it with the utmost love, respect, appreciation and gratitude for myself and the nourishment. I choose CONSCIOUSLY.
  6. Consider your choices from your highest perspective where there is no judgement, only Love!


I invite you to unlock your inner detective to discover how you can properly nourish your body from what your body actually needs?

And with this Knowledge, can you contemplate how you can distinguish the difference between your Ego and your Soul?

I love supporting my Tribe in building a deeper, and more grounded connection with their body. If you feel called to, please book a session or email me!

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