Here I am writing about a theme of my life I always avoid looking at clearly. Let’s dive into the story of the 27th Gene Key / Gate, the one travelling from Selfishness to Altruism and Selflessness, the one activated two times in my profile. 

Oh well, it is so strange to be called selfish when you felt you gave your all to help and care for another…and yet, when it happens over and over again, you keep asking yourself…is it true, am I really selfish in my givings?

After taking my time to dissolve the initial repulsion I had for this key, I started letting myself being enveloped by the story it has to share. And oh, so much I had to learn accepting this ride!

The main ideas that flourished in my mind, after finishing my contemplation, were related to Philanthropy, Nourishment and the balance between Giving and Receiving. As I have this gate active in an undefined Sacral center, it has been a huge lesson for me to know when to stop stuff and realizing when enough is enough. Enough attention, enough sleep, enough food, enough creativity, enough money etc. And not only when enough is enough but also what the quality of the energy I am feeding that Sacral center is like.

The one that carries the 27 is a giver and a taker. As it is programmed to work with the 28 Key, the Totality and the Risk-taker, 27 want ALL. And gives ALL, sometimes forgetting about the Higher Purpose of this process. It what I am giving and receiving nourishing my being and feeding my processes and does it help the others in their growth too? The connection with nourishment, with food, with all that fuels the Sacral energy is so important when relating to this gate. Let’s think about food in a broader sense, not just that we eat, but imagine it as a concept that nourishes us. What kind of activities, ideas, gestures are nourishing for you? How do you nourish others with your 27 superpowers? Have you ever thought if what you give is what the others really needs in their own process? You might give them your best gifts and yet, like eating too much food for a long time, they might get ill, fat, slow, lack initiative or get disconnected from their Higher source and also go into the shadow land of the 28s Purposelessness.

So, for me, the story of the 27th is a lot about the right type of food and the right time for nourishment. Knowing what type of nourishment the other one needs and if they need it when you want to offer it or not. And also, seeing what of nourishment you need and what feeds yours being in a profound way. And, many times, like mammals that know when to stop feeding their cubs, even us, humans, have to realize when feeding someone with a certain type of energy is no longer needed. I find the energy of the 27 Gene Key vital in the process of Growth, and, like a mother that has to see her children grow and evolve and move away from home, so is the process for the Nurturer. Sometimes, the one or ones you nurtured evolve and leave and do their own mission in the world. And that is where the unlimited Love of Gene Key is seen, in the capacity to heal and nurture and love, over and over again, sometimes a new person, sometimes the same person, sometimes the self. And oh, that tricky Ring of Life and Death makes it so hard sometimes to accept the process of transformation…but it is only natural. We should be honored that the once we once nurtured are now rising and shinning, and be proud of the authentic food for the totality we were able to give them. And to us too.

There is a normality in giving for this type of person, but also a normality in receiving. At the right time and from the right person. And most importantly, the right type of nourishment. Let’s not forget that the name of this key is also The Food of the Gods, so each time you feed or get fed, contemplate how the God in you or the God in the other one is nourished. But sometimes this giving might get so extreme that we give our all, self-sacrificing and forgetting about ourselves, and that is, by no means a healthy place to give from. 

I always invite the ones having this key in their profile to see how they feel when they give. Does it make you happy? Do you give from an abundance of love, food, resources, wisdom, or do you feel you make big sacrifices when you give something? Do you want to be praised for what you gave? Is what you give the type of fuel that the other one needs? Being a Sacral gate, see how your energy feels after giving, if it increasing or do you feel depleted? And, let’s not forget the receiving part, as many times I meet people that have the 27 or the 50 gate ( they make the 27/50 Channel of Nurturing together) that have no idea to express happiness when they are offered something. Do you express gratitude when you receive something you find valuable for you? Do you use what you receive for your growth? Do you share back with the others? How does philanthropy look for you?

In the end, it is a lot about the PhilanthroFood, process of PhilanthroNourishing. 🙂 About what I feed myself with, what I feed others with. The quality of what I and the others eat, the seeds of the ideas we plant in ourselves and the others, the type of caring we give to others and we let ourselves get back from others. All being done from the totality of our good and kind heart, never holding back if it is the right cause and being happy to calmly enjoy the growth and not expect anything in return. 

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congratulations. a very nice expression.