Play with Chaos

What you’re sensing as chaos is really creative energy. When you’re in the thick of something new it can feel chaotic. But if we have learned anything, its that chaos is only in the beginning.
So if you have been feeling these intense energies building this week, know if has been an opportunity for you to ignite that creative spark.

Gene Key 3 (Chaos – Innovation – Innocence) is active for all of you now.

It just so happens this is my area of expertise AND my Pearl. I feel deeply connected with chaos and love to swim within it. The energy field is innocent, new, fresh and invigorating. Because its where all great ideas come to play. I often view this field above my head and sometimes i feel it engulf me when a great idea is wanting to come forth for me or someone else. It’s abundant and memorizing.
Chaos also shows up for me in the form of three little manifesting generator crazies! My three boys definitely bring a level of chaos to my life, but they also bring PLAY, INNOCENCE and CREATIVITY. I love witnessing them.

Chaos doesnt affect them, they allow it to MOLD THEM. SHAPE THEM. THEY BECOME CHAOS. Because…. why resist creative energy. They teach me to let the energy transform me.

On the other side of CHAOS is INNOVATION.
And once you realize that, you’ll also realize everything is innocent. It is always beginning, starting new, starting fresh. We are always creating… manifesting.

So if chaos scares you, creativity scares you. And when you resist to be transformed, you are resisting the greatest gift you have within you. The DIVINE CREATOR YOU HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IS WAITING TO BURST FORTH.

So take these last few days to feel into the energies and let them transform you so that you may CREATE and bring forth AMAZING INNOVATION into this world.

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