Shine on, You Rebel Diamond!

On the last day when the Sun activates key / gate 8, I decided to write this article detailing the impact it has and has had on my life. The key or gate 8 is associated with the Style, not only the one we express externally, but also the inner one. One of the gates on the individual circuit (you can read more about this topic here), it brings us closer to the message of rebellion and authenticity.

The road that this key takes us on, as described in the Gene Keys, is the one from Mediocrity to Splendor, through the path of Style. Astrologically, the key 8 makes the transition between the sign of Taurus and that of Gemini and is always active at the end of May. In Vedic astrology it is found in the Nakshatra called Krittika, as is the key 23, and the symbol of this astrological lunar mansion in the Indian tradition is knives. blades and cutting. We will explore together why and what is the difference between the cutting I mentioned in the video here, about key 23, and cutting and using grinding objects in the case of key 8.

I cannot move on to the personal interpretation related to this placement until I mention the activations in Human Design. The gate 8 is next to the gate 1 in Channel 1-8 – the Channel of Originality or the Channel of the Role Model, linking the center of Identity (key 1) to the center of the Throat (key 8). One of the channels related to leadership, 1-8 is active in the charts of those who become guides appreciated and recognized by others after knowing and assuming their own style and their own authentic identity. Below is a description of this energy, written by Ra Uru Hu, the founder of Human Design.

Now 8-1, because it is a self-projected creativity, do not forget that it must be recognized. And here you have something unusual, because here you have the only creative voice of the individual. Now it’s interesting to note that. This is the only creative voice of the individual and the only creative voice of the individual says, “I know I can contribute or not.” For the individual to be truly creative, he must empower the other. Their natural contribution is the empowerment of the other. 8-1 is rooted in the most creative, single hexagram called creative in this regard, which is the first hexagram.

Ra Uru Hu –

“So what we’re dealing with here is 8/1, it’s a unique expression role. A unique expression that does everything possible to get your attention and change your perspective on the nature of the world. This is the 8th. His voice says, “I know I can contribute, I know I can contribute, I know this path exists.” And, of course, that 8th gate will stand up and tell you, “Follow me.” So the 8s try again, “I really know.” And then they come back and they go in. They are an Individual Role Model. They are an example. They will go their way. In this situation (in the text Ra mentions the example of a plane crash), the only person I would trust to get me out of there is 8/1. It is the only one I would trust, so either follow them or not, because they will not try to persuade – Alpha (Channel 31-7) or Prodigal (Channel 13-33) that, after all, are social channels, they share, they are communicative.
The dilemma for the Role Model, the dilemma for the individual, is that it is not social, so it does not have this capacity to be able to reach the social sense nor does it have the same linguistic direction, because I am not designed to share. In fact, it is designed to empower and not be influenced. I’m not going through discussions. Their thing is: I know. I just know; I know, I know, I know and that’s all I can offer you. And, of course, it is their deep limitation, because this is what makes them so difficult to be able to have their impact, to be able to empower themselves in this situation. The individual only changes when the individual role model actually establishes the viability of knowing that, in the end, this can become something that will influence the collective and only secondary. The collective will only have to accept it; will have to accept whatever the results. Remember that the individual brings about a mutation; the mutation changes the rules. The individual model changes the rules. The team wants to tell you why – He wants to get your vote, while the individual says – I don’t want to get your vote; I just want to make my contribution here. It’s very different. I am obliged in this situation; I will make my contribution. I know how to get out of here. Either you follow me or not, damn you. “

Ra Uru Hu

Now that you are familiar with the energy of this key, let’s get to know it even more deeply. I will draw the framework of this exploration by mentioning the metaphorical title gave to it by Richard Rudd in the Gene Keys Book. The key 8 is also called the Diamond of the Self, words to which I resonate strongly and which also describes the story of other happy bearers of this energy. The path full of individuality and rebellion of the person having this key active 8 is related to the discovery and expression of style, and this expression of style, if done at the right time and in the right group, harmonizes the connection between individual and collective energy.

When we hear the term diamond, many of us think of the jewelry that contains this gem, beautifully polished and shiny. But what about the rough diamond? Do you find it just as beautiful? As habing the key 8 and the entire channel 1-8 in my chart and as being a friend of many other stylish rebels who have the key active in profile, I can tell you that the work we do to polish ourselves is colossal. Before we show our light, in a radiant Splendor (Grace of the Key 8) that inspires and guides, there are years of work and self-discovery. Often those with this activation go through phases in which they are not understood, they are considered strange, different, and they cannot be easily understood and integrated. But, despite the difficulties, the Diamond of the Self continues to be polished, to evolve, to be seen, to dare to shine and to contribute to the collective. I mentioned at the beginning the connection with the element of the knife or the blade or the cutting process. The idea of ​​pressure, heavy formation, transformation is extremely related to the process of making diamonds. If you are not familiar with the process, you can watch a short video here.
Diamond is obtained through difficult and complex processes and humanity has found much simpler and faster solutions to make artificial diamonds that look almost identical to natural ones – which leads me to think that exactly that brilliance and versatility of the diamond is what is desired and replicated, just as Leaders rise overnight, created just as artificially. So this is the drama of those with the key 8. They are often copied or overrun by people with much less dedication to inner processes that reach higher, shining brightly and aggressively. In the meantime the rebel with the key 8 active in their profile, works with the Self, polishes, goes through external pressures to become more and more radiant and strong. This process takes time and cannot be rushed. This is the first characteristic of these natives, the dedication with which they invest energy and knowledge to discover the bright facets of the Self. The second feature is the multifaceted part. Because it is one of the keys related to leadership, 8 also presents the brilliance that inspires groups, it is a gateway to bringing contribution and empowering the Self and the collective.

And, at the end of my article, I will also mention that Diamond is also used to cut, maybe you know the tools used by our fathers or grandparents to cut glass. So, not only beautiful, but also strong, versatile and useful is this Diamond. How is the Diamond of your Self? What processes of transformation and discovery have you gone through? How do you show your inner radiance and what prevented you from showing it or integrating it in your daily life, relationships and work?

I embrace you and dedicate a classic song for all of us who have this powerful energy in us. Shine on – YOU -Crazy Diamonds!

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Vivien Oprea

Beautifully described! I have this this key in my Purpose and also the entire 1-8 channel. What you said about being misunderstood and needing that time to “polish” ourselves really resonated with me. Great article!


Excellent read. Very enlightening. I do not have the 8 defined but the 1 is defined. I wonder how this changes my use of the 1?


Thansk for this article, it resonnate a lot on me. I have the 1-8 channel.


Holy shit. I have both. I have 1-8. AND channel of the alpha. This has to be for some specific purpose.


Beautiful read. Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with us. Everything makes sense now .
I have 8/1 gate and also my north node is 8.1

Samantha Darling

I love this lens to myself you’ve given and I appreciate the feeling of being seen deeply as you have here.
I’m going to read this many times.

Excellent work! Thank you!

5/1 SPP Samantha Darling
Author, Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Teacher