Transit in Gene Key 24

Addiction – Invention – Silence

Gene Key 24 speaks about the continuity of life and evolution. Souls incarnate on earth in a physical form. We expand our awareness through experiences and when life ends we return to the silence. Next time we come back to earth we bring with us the cell memories of past incarnations. This way we continue threading experiences with a little more awareness and love.

Consciousness expands in spiral dynamics including more every round. Life and death may be seen as a continuous dance in and out of form where consciousness is becoming more aware of itself.

In the video, I speak about the Shadow of Addiction and the patterns we have created to palliate our suffering. I also speak about The Art of Contemplation as what can bring the shift from the Shadow to the Gift frequency of Invention. We look at this through the three steps – Pausing – Pivoting – Merging – that Richard Rudd explains in his new book with the same name.

I also take a personal example with the electromagnetic channel 24-61 and what this connection has opened up for me in the Sphere of my SQ. The Gift of Invention and the Gift of Inspiration merged together takes us where we have never been before. Suddenly the Siddhis of Silence and Sanctity feel magically real!

Then we look at the Programming Partner Gene Key 44 and how it can show us the process of Gene Key 24 on a collective level. We are repairing humanity together. The old hierarchies and power structures are falling apart and we are creating a new Synarchy where every incarnated Soul is on the right place of the matrix.

The new world starts by becoming aware of our own shadow patterns and allows something new to emerge through us. This is the ultimate message of Gene Key 24.

Learn more about Archetype 24 with the Inventor

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