12 – The Impactful, Romantic and full of Secrets Prophet

The time has come to write an article about a wonderful energy, that of the Key / Gate 12, one of the most fascinating and mysterious topics that self-knowledge and self-developement enthusiasts work with. I invite you to the fascinating world of this Gemini imprint. 🙂

This will be a topic to which I will dedicate two posts, one will be more scientific / astrological / technical, one more personal. I’ll start with the most technical, to understand the general meanings of the Gate / Key 12.

I begin by mentioning that gate 12 is a moving contradiction, as are the owners of this key. It’s the only key on the Ring of Secrets (you can find out more about Codon Rings here) and I’ll show you some of its secrets below, and it’s one of the keys on the Ring of Trials, along with 33 and 56 … all three being considered stop codon keys. Keeping in mind this word stop! may be relevant in the subsequent understanding of 12’s message.

The path that this key takes is that of passing from the shadow of Vanity to the siddhi of Purity through the gift of Discernment. The programming partner of this key (you can find out more about what this term means here) is key 11 and half partner of the channel in the Human Design circuit is gate 22. Astrologically speaking, this key is a key of Gemini, and in Vedic astrology it does part of Nakshatra called Mrigashira.

I’ll start with the astrological presentation, it’s a gateway to enter information easier to understand for the first steps into knowledge. When we are dealing with the Gemini archetype, we already know that we are also referring to duality, to a mutable character, an Air sign, intelligent and good communicator. And here, in the Gemini zodiac section activated by this key, we are dealing with these features. To keep the transmission simple, I invite you to take from here, from the realm of Gemini, two words: curiosity and communication. They are specific to this key and specific to this zodiac sign. If we take a step towards Vedic astrology, we also take a step towards discovering some of the secrets of this energy. The symbol that the Vedic associates with this Nakshatre is the deer … a sign of shyness but also of the calmness that is daring to explore. The Vedic system see the planets placed in this sign as denoting a changing character, sometimes cautious and shy, sometimes curious and intuitive. The god associated with this Naksatra gives us some very precious clues … the god Soma … Soma is also the name of a precious elixir … Soma is associated with the mind and is the keeper of this drink or someone that knows the secret formula of this elixir, which, says Indian tradition, was drunk by the gods to be immortal. The fine nose of the symbolic deer is associated with the ability to smell and detect the right plants for the preparation of this elixir. The elixir of immortality, the elixir of Youth. The sign of Gemini is associated with the concept of youth, and this is one of the secrets of this key … the search for ingredients to live immortality and live eternal youth (we can, of course, take this association metaphorically). Another secret, and here comes the dual nature of the Gemini, is that this drink, Soma, was also considered an elixir used in rituals, a kind of ecstasy in the liquid version, or a kind of ayahuasca that opened the gate to secret or invisible worlds. On a daily basis, the pleasure of life and the attraction for the pleasure of life and living it totaly is a theme here … well hidden behind the apparent precaution of the gate 12.

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Jen Lothrigel and can be found here: https://fineartamerica.com/featured/throat-chakra-jen-lothrigel.htm

Turning now to the Gene Keys and Human Design, 12 has a lot to say. It is a key to discernment, to subtly perceive what is authentic and what is not authentic. The holders of the key 12 are very refined people, they will not always display this refinement on the outside, more often they show this to their colleagues with 22 Gate, but 12 has a fine sense that detects authenticity and originality. It is a gate associated with caution and the opening of the pure heart. Often the owners of this Gene Key have the classic commitment issues … better said, problems in really opening up, in really showing themselves to others. But step-by-step they give access to what they represent, they come tiptoeing, just like a deer … and … if something doesn’t smell good to them … they immediately run away or disappear. And they keep doing this dance until they are convinced of the purity and nobility of the other. If you are in a relationship with a key 12 owner, be patient! They will look totally difficult and contradictory, they will test your patience, determination and intentions. But when they open up to you and to life, the totality of romance is embodied.

And … we take the last steps in discovering some more secrets of 12 … looking at the connection it has with gate 22 making the channel 12-22 that connects the center of the throat to the emotional center in the Human Design profile. This mix is ​​spectacular, an energy full of romance, passion, creativity and refined sexuality. Here 12, a gate of the Manifestor typology, bravely shows its colors … becoming a gateway to the mastery of words … depending on the state of mind and mood! The possessor of gate 12 can be sometimes gentle, sometimes sharp, it is the Romantic poet who blows your mind by writing a few clever verses, or the pamphlet writer or the one who tells harsh and sharp truths, using words as weapons. As I said, it is a changing energy, with moods, which must learn to know when and how to speak, in order to be understood correctly. It is also called the gate of the Prophet – the key 12 knows a lot, it can talk about so many sacred truths …. when the time and environment are right. The impact of 12’s words is astonishing, the transforming power of his words, words that, most of the time, have a higher inspiration. Let’s not forget that the center of the throat has an important alchemical role, making the transition between the concrete and the divine plane, a center related to the theme of transmutation and refinement of the full of life energy.

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How can you find who is 22GK? ❤️


Brilliant thank you 12 is my unconscious Mars.. my vocation or what I prefer my core wound I feel resonates with my south node of Aries ? thank you

Ashley Pfeffer



Maravilhoso! Tenho o 12 como trabalho de minha vida! Descobri em 2020 as gene keys, e agora em 2023 elas de fato estão claras para mim!