Caressing the Feathers of the Sleeping ( soon awake) Phoenix

Here I am writing about one of the Gates / Keys that really told and tells the story of my life. It is one of those I have always strongly felt throughout my life and one that brought me close to other friends that have this activation in their profile. Today I will be writing about Gate / Key 59, the one that goes from the shadow of Dishonesty to the Siddhi of Transparency throught the Gift of Intimacy. This activation is HUGE, not only for those who have it in their profile, but also for humanity as a whole, especially in this turbulent times we are experiencing.

So, let’s dive in it, to the Core, as a true 59 Gifted person likes to see and experience life (and yes, the analogy with the sensual part you sensed is true too, especially for this Gate)!

I feel like starting with the Gift level of this Key, maybe because accessing the Shadow part feels a bit meah for the beginning…and also because the Gift of this is Key is so amazingly comfy and nice! Intimacy…oh, the LOVEly Intimacy! 59 has a way of creating coziness, comfort and sensualness in almost any place they go or they are. People having this key active in their profiles instantly get under your skin. And when they do, it feels so nice they are close to you. I. know many people that have this activation and work beautifully in 1 to 1 sessions with clients or friends, be it art classes, therapy or gardening. They create a bubble of beauty and intimacy in any environment. That is because we truly pay attention to people and like to hear their stories and connect with them on a deeper level. Sometimes that also includes physical contact, as this Gate is a tribal Gate, and tribal activation are very much related to touching and sensuality. I like to associate this Gift with the way you can “cut” butter with a soft bladed knife, when the butter is at room temperature…it is easy and pleasant and doesn’t oppose. And that the butter can be spread gently on a nice piece of bread, like a dance between ingredients. I find that 59 works a lot like that, it is smooth, it is sensual and rich in the way it expresses intimacy.

Of course, 59 has a deeper part too, a more Sacred part, since it is connected to the sexual energy of the Sacral Center in the HD Chart. In European Astrology, this Key activates the Archetype of Virgo, and this dynamic is extremely interesting. You will soon find more posted on this topic on my channel, but I’ll shortly write here too, not to make you wait for too long. 🙂 Virgo is a very interesting Earth sign that has a rich sensuality, not always shown easily. Ritual, cleaning and perfection are important for this sign, and love and intimacy are important subjects where the Virgo energy gets very intense. Let’s not forget that 59 is active on the Ring of Union, so unity, energy flow, creation, sexuality and intimacy are important here. %9 holders are usually very attuned to their sensuality and sexuality and, most of the times, true believers in love and Sacred Love. Cause, as I mentioned, the ritualistic and sacred part of life are very important for Virgos. So, through Intimacy, and many times through Sex too, the ones having 59 express their vision regarding Union. It is what 59 activate in this Ring of Union…True Intimacy and Love. Metaphorically mentioned as the “Dragon in your Genome” 59 is, in the Vedic Astrology, associated to Ketu ( South Node) known as the Tail of the Dragon. The Dragon energy is full of sexual power and had the capacity to awaken the Kundalini energy. And here many of us, having this key, know how the road from “hunting” sex to sublimating and cultivating the Sacred Partnership feels like. Without staying to much on this topic, I invite you – 59ers or those of you that love 59ers, to explore the deeper and sacred layers of Intimacy. Sometimes it is about sexuality, but sometimes it is about much more…let’s now forget that the programming partner of 59 is 55…Freedom, one of the most mature and strong keys taking us on a lovely trip to the New World. 59 and 55 will blend their knowings about Intimacy and Freedom and will create new ways of relating ( be it in 1 to 1 or in other types of relationships).

Going to the Shadow level, uhhh, 59ers usually have quite a ride! Especially till they get the courage to be transparent. The Shadow of 59 is Dishonesty and many times it is related with dishonesty in 1 to 1 relationship or, in most cases, dishonesty towards the self. Even if you admit it or not, many times 59ers had been in romantic triangles or cheated or were cheated upon. In order to explore different types of Intimacy and Sexuality, 59 starts hiding or lying, or accepts so and so situations in their life. Maybe they are not dishonest, but their partners is…and they silently see and accept that, even if inside they feel that is not honorable for anyone. And when this happens, the 55 Key “suffers” too, as our Freedom and the other ones Freedom is limited. Freedom of expression, of being, of loving. Dishonesty is tricky and many times selfish ( I personally feel a very strong connection with the 27, I will explain it in the video, if you have 59 and 27 in your profile, contemplate a bit on how they blend and let me know what you discover). It can entrap the Freedom of the Self and the Freedom of the other, as 59 knows how to be intimate in a tricky way too…59ers pay a lot of attention to the other and sometimes “deliver” what the other one needs or wants, creating a false sense of intimacy and belonging. It might be a difficult Shadow to see and contemplate, but, the Freedom you and the others get after it is amazing. 🙂

Hoping a bit to the Siddhi of Transparency, I feel like the connection 59 has with 55 is of immense power and also the loving and powerful Ring of Union ( containing Keys 4, 7, 29, 59) has great lessons for each of us. As we can all see, the World is going through HUGE changes…the world now becomes more and more transparent…we can see its problems and it’s beauties and we can “smell” the change. 59 Transparency is like taking of a veil, it is like seeing reality with clarity and compassion in order to give space for change and freedom. 55 is an individual Gate, 59 is a tribal gate. 55 empowers, 59 cares. 55 is awakened by strong energy moved by the 59…59 starts moving the Dragon so the DragonFly (55 symbol) can be free and transform.

Artwork belongs to Firat Solhan and it is avalible here:

As both 55 and 59 are dear activation to me and their lessons shaped my reality so far, I invite you to contemplate where have you been dishonest in your life and how did you limit freedom…yours and others…Was intimacy a way for growth and empowerment…or entrapment that felt like a cage for the inner Dragon? How can you better use the superb gifts of Love and Intimacy? Can you gently Love and Caress the Feathers of the Phoenix, the about to awake Dragon like force in each of us?

*for the ones interested in exploring deeper layers, you might want to look at more info about the Huma Bird and it’s meaning in Oriental culture…I found the image above a nice blend between the Dragon Energy and the Phoenix energy. Have fun exploring more!

Artwork belongs to:

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Sanjay Desai

Great depth of subtlety, awesome. With my Uranus in 59 & design Jupiter in 55, one can imagine how this resonated.


Great read! Very insightful. I have a 2/4 profile Right Angle cross of the sleeping phoenix (59/55|20/34) Astrology lover learning HD. Thanks for sharing