The Love for Holy Work

Today I am writing about the Gene Key / Gate 40. One of the ones active in my profile and one that brought so many moments of pausing and contemplation for me. Hope it will be a useful reading for you all having it active in your profile or for you that have dear ones you care about that have this key.

This activation has a very mundane part and a very spiritual part, both intertwined in a splendid and very discreet way. It’s a Virgo key…and Virgo is a sign of elegance, refinement and discretion…so it this key.

So, let’s start with the more grounded and human energy of this activation and finish in a more etheric way. Key / Gate 40 takes us in the journey that goes through the Shadow of Exhaustion, the Gift of Resolve and the Siddhi of Divine Will. As I spoke in the video you will find below, the Exhaustion part can be sooo tricky, because it can play in so many ways and not always it manifests as a need to rest more or sleep more. Exhaustion can also come as a result of wanting too much, spreading the energy in too many directions, not being clear about communication our real will in particular moments. I chose to use the word Will as this Gate is one that can be found in the Will Center in the Human Design chart, also called Ego Center. The theme of the Will is very important here, in this specific center and also for this Gate. How do we use our Will? Do we force stuff? Do we exhaust ourselves or the other by imposing our Will? When we get to the highest frequency of this Key you will see how rigid we can be in the lowest frequencies of the 40.

At the Gift level, Key 40 has the tremendous power of knowing when to say NO and when to say YES. And, as it is associated with the Dragon Slayer energy, it can be very strong when deciding how it uses the Will. Similar to the Key 31, that in the Gift level manifests as the Leader that activated his Leadership qualities by Sounding his Truth, even the energy of the 40 need a leap of faith and courage to activate that intense Will Power. When this Gift activates, it can manifest in so many beautiful ways, mainly it shows some very important aspects I saw in many of the lives of the 40 holders. One aspect is the Love for Work. People having this key active love working. They love to be efficient, they love when their work has meaning and brings results in the life of others too. They can work with great determination, and, as Ra Uru Hu mentions in his courses, many times this persons are seen as the “mule”. But 40 loves to do the Work, so, when we don’t exhaust ourselves and our Work is alligned with our Will, the common Will and the Higher Will, oh my…it becomes what I can simply call The Holy Work. I’ll get to the Holy part in a bit, at the Siddhi level. But, before that, I have to mention that this Gate is also a Love Gate…that’s why I felt like blending Love and Work. Play a bit with this words…words are Mercury’s field and Virgo is ruled by this planet so…feel free to combine them as you see fit…Love for Work, Work for Love, Love to Work, Work to Love and so on. Well, 40 is a tribal Gate that cares about the “tribe”, the dear ones and that loves to provide and take of them. It is a sensual Love Gate, that needs touching and tenderness, so, in case you have it activated in your profile in important places…have you ever wondered if Physical Touch is one of your main Love Languages? Check it out, you can find more about it here.

Love is an very important theme for Key / Gate 40 persons, because they Work sooo much better when they work for the ones they love. Having whom to Love and care for are top important subjects for us. The Will Power of 40 is driven by Love, so many times in our lives we might wonder…Who do I work for? Interesting, isn’t it? Before I finish the Love related part, I also feel like mentioning the importance of Aloneness for the ones having this Key active. We love and we need alone time, and this balance between wanting to be connected and also be alone is very interesting here. The partnering program of 40 is Key 37, which also makes the 40-37 channel of The Alchemy of the Family…and 37 brings an important part here…Gentleness. This duality between me time and us time is bridged through Gentleness. It is like a calm Self-Mastery of knowing how to be YOU with the OTHER, how to have time to be alone and be kind enough with the other while taking this time, and also be connected and be in the relationship. Here the Tenderness and the Will bridge in beautiful ways and I felt this merging in my life too and it can be so refined and pleasant to feel, by the self and the other.

Ready for the steps into the more spiritual realms of this Key? Placed on the Ring of Alchemy (let’s not forget the Sacred Sensual aspects of the Virgo energy) and activated at the Siddhi level by the Divine Will, this Key is one of the Seven Sacred Seals. I will soon post more about this, but, if you are eager to explore, you can read more about it here.

It has superb healing powers and they manifest so gently. At the Siddhi level, the personal Will blends with the Divine Will, and a strong sense of guidance gets activated. Deep within we feel this energy and we know our strength comes from a Higher Plane…some call it God, some see it as a form of Energy, some see it as their Higher Self, all fine. I guess for all of us it feels as a sense of Higher Guidance. And when this miraculous activation happens, 40 shows his healing power…the power to RELAX! A deep sense of Acceptance and Relaxation that can be felt so strongly in the body. A sense of Deep Trust that activates Deep Relaxation. Of the self and of others. And also the ability to transform the way in which we see work and routine. I wrote in the beginning that this Key is activated by the Virgo energy, an Earth element very connected to the material side of life and to being of service. Being of Service, to Higher Service makes the Love of Work that we have, the Love for Holy Work. Working and using the blend of personal Will and Divine Will has immense effects in activating a Higher meaning of Working.

So, how deep is your Love? How Holy is your Work? How Relaxed is your body?

Sending a big HUG to you all, from my tender 40.5 Attraction Sphere.

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