100% – The Boldness and the Risk of Being Total … (praise for Key 28)

From the moment Scorpio’s energy entered the planetary activations, I felt things to be shared with the world awakened in me. Here I am, starting with a post dedicated to the gene key / gate 28 … and the initial energy of the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

For me, the Scorpio sign stays well hidden in the chart, as this sign likes to be mysterious … and it only shows in full light when needed. Key 28 colors the Evolution Sphere in my Gene Keys profile and is in the Fighter’s Channel next to gate 38 in the HD profile. Astrologically speaking, the key 28 is a key active in the beginning of Scorpio, which in my case activates the planet Earth in the natal chart. With this occasion, I invite you to explore, in addition to the activation of 28 in your profile, the zodiac sign in which the Earth / Sphere of Evolution is located. The energy of the Earth is very important in our chart, as we are earthlings. We have already published a series of articles and videos on this topic, you can watch them on the blog / FB page and YouTube channel.

Returning to 28, this wonderful and intense key/gate. The title mentioned in the Gene Keys book is very suggestive in presenting the essence of this activation … Accepting the dark side … So yes, the 28 has a dark side, if not more. I’ll immediately detail what kind of darkness it refers to. Because it shakes hands with the archetype of Scorpio, which for many seems buhuhu, scary !!! … 28 is the place where stories about dark energies meet. The 28 is an undercover totality of the dark forces. Or sometimes without coverage. Dark energies can meet here, like a round table of dark knights. Most of the 28 key holders have lived at least once in life in the realms of what is labeled generically as evil – alcohol, drugs, sex, attraction to danger and illegal activities. And I’m not saying that sex or drinking a glass of wine automatically activates the energy of evil, only that the 28 is eager for intensity, it takes things to the extreme, it wants to live EVERYTHING. Much, intense, impermissible … they all bring that specific twist. In order not to get caught up in a concept of distorted darkness, I feel like mentioning an association of 28 with the term of the Dark Knight, especially if you have in your profile the entire Channel 28-38 … the prototype of the Hero who goes on a mission to find the Purpose … usually a High Purpose … Hero or Knight who can encounter in his way dark areas, challenges, temptations. And the Hero with 28 does not shy away from experiencing them, because he wants his path to be TOTAL, with both good and bad. Totality is the Gift of the key 28. Here comes Scorpio, the zodiac sign with the greatest power to transform. The lives of those with Scorpio planetary activations are with EVERYTHING! They went through darkness and light, turned evil into good, reinvented themselves and accepted the dark side so that they could evolve and move on, opening the eagle’s wings, another symbol associated with the energy of this sign.

Naturally, the 28 type of person loves to explore and live life! TOTALLY! He is shaped by various experiences that enrich his knowledge and life. And he is the one who, if he tells you about something, has SURELY lived it… at MAX! There is a joy in feeling life and its intensity that can be translated, on the outside, as rebellion. And yes, the 28 has its rebellious side, it’s an individual gate concerned with creating its own destiny. In Human Design this gate is called the gate of the risk taker or the risk lover … even the player. What game does the holder of this activation play? The game of LIFE. What risks does this person assume? The risks that make him live and experience the intensity of life.

When gate 28 meets gate 38, forming together the 28-38 Channel of the Fighter / Struggle, we have the energy of intensity to live life to the fullest, intertwined with perseverance and determination to continue the fight towards the high ideals. The energy of the Individual circuit, the intensity of 28/38 is oriented towards the importance of experiencing the individual path, of the personal purpose which, as soon as it is lived and experienced in its various facets, becomes important for the whole community. For every individual who happily lives his life and assumes the life of living in alignment with the Purpose, becomes an inspiration to others, a Warrior full of vitality, a Hero who dares to face the dragons and encourage others to dance life to the rhythm of totality.

There is a lot to tell about this wonderful activation. It is one of the most dear to me … I hope that now it is also dear to you … those who have it in their profile or those who have loved ones with it in their profile. In conclusion, I leave two ideas for contemplation, being curious about what kind of revelations they bring for you.

The first is the beautiful association that Vedic Astrology makes, matching this activation with the God of the Wind … Vayu … I leave below a quote with which I resonated and I invite you to watch the video made by a very interesting astrologer on this topic (link is in the description below). The wind is an interesting symbol for 28, especially because the free, exploratory spirit is very present here. You will hear in the description below the mention related to asiddhi … for those familiar with the Gene Keys some interesting “bulbs” may light up … Siddhi / Asiddhi …

The Far-blowing Wind needs to drift, for imperfection.


The second theme of contemplation that the energy of 28 brought into my life, a theme that I share with you, is related to the pre-spoken word Purpose. We all seek the Purpose … but how many of us live it? I conclude by mentioning that the best lesson that this key has brought me is the one related to the courage to LIVE our goal/purpose. The 28th loves life, has the courage to see all its sides, be they full of light or shadow … and the passion with which he lives his life melts towards the molding with the Higher Purpose.

We need courage to LIVE our Goal, not just to seek it, and the Total energy of the 28th brings this … the courage to BE, with good and bad! 100%!

*below is a video that me and my love did about this activation, as we both mirror each others Sun – Earth and we both have 28-38. Hope it brings nice info for all of you!

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Beautiful.. Thankyou I don’t have 28.but I feel its underlying pressure and gifts ever present and probably activated when very young via the my 38 I. Q… Thankyou for sharing your contemplation/experience very useful… ???


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the 28-38 channel. I have the activation with moon, mars and south node presence. I think that this has been the best insight on this channel that I have heard! you said some things that just resonate immediately with me – fighting for the good rather than the bad – the spiritual warrior – the eternal war between the demons and the demigods – not to be too eager to share insights with everyone as others may get a bit phased with all that scorpionic depth – be ready to engage the body… Read more »