Hologenetic Geometry through the Magic of Gene Key 44

My Culture is Gene Key 44, my Evolution is 1, and my Vocation is 57.

My Culture is line 3. My Evolution and Vocation are both line 4.

I’m seeing how these three Gene Keys are mystically braided together. The I-Ching teaches:

Synarchy (44) is the Beauty (1) of Clarity (57)

Teamwork (44) is the Freshness (1) of Intuition (57)

Interference (44) is the Entropy (1) of Unease (57)

I could write a long text about the Shadow frequency of this “44-1-57 braid.” I’ve lived it on my bare skin, but I feel no urge to share about it. Lately, in the Gene Keys book, I go straight to the Gifts and the Siddhis. I spent the last week listening to the series  Dare to be Divine. Richard’s contemplation of the Siddhis was wonderful background inspiration as I went about my day. (A little fly on the wall told me that they are soon coming out as a book!!)

It’s not that I don’t care about the Shadow anymore— because I understand it, it feels like there is no point in repeating it. The Shadow is an accurate description of what humanity is still struggling with. The Gift and the Siddhi are holding the frequencies we unlock as we evolve. Their mystical poetry makes the life force inside of me move and pulsate. My cells discern their truth, and I feel our human potential. 

The Gifts and the Siddhis include the codes of healing and ascension. More than anything, they emanate a vibration that penetrates us deeply and on many planes—if we are open to it. Their frequency dissolves the Shadow, and allows fear, doubt, and pain to disintegrate. Our hearts become recalibrated to the truth and essence of the living Gene Keys transmission, which we can then bring through our own vessels.

Now back to the 44, 1, and 57 in the lines mentioned above. In the Gift frequency, 44.3 in the Sphere of Culture loves TEAMWORK. It’s passionate about group dynamics and sees everyone’s uniqueness, optimal fit, and role within the group. The 44.3 understands the divine theatre of human interaction. It knows we are here to FEEL, and nothing can go wrong in the comedy and tragedy of life. It loves facilitating groups, especially through having the “actors” mirror each other. Creativity, partnership, playfulness, emotions—

everything—is stirred, and people feel alive and vibrant. The 44.3 is literally not afraid of anything—it comes right after the 28 on the wheel and holds a similar Scorpio energy. The 44.3 shows us that relating is new and FRESH with endless potential as long as we engage from our heart and INTUITION.

At the highest frequency, the 44.3 understands SYNARCHY and the potential of people coming together to serve the whole. It recognizes the BEAUTY (1) and synchronicity of bundles of souls incarnating in the same time line to meet and heal specific cellular memories or core wounds. It has CLARITY (57) about human fractals.

The 44 understands existence as Hologenetic—from a cell to an organ to a body to a person to a fractal and then to a planet, solar system, universe, omniverse, and beyond what humans can conceptualize through language. It cares deeply about the individual in the group, knowing that everything we heal in one Holon gets re-encoded in all layers and realms.

The 44 contains the mystery of the repairing of human DNA and the ascension of Gaia. It trusts (57) the BEAUTY (1) of this creative process and knows that even when there is interference, the overall consciousness is expanding. As a humanity, we are transcending the shadow frequency and dissolving fear. We are re-opening our hearts and purifying our physical, astral, and mental bodies to allow the electric current of universal love and light. We are awakening to source energy and our own life force.

The 1.4 as Life’s Work and the 57.4 as Vocation in the Pathway of Service represent the main energies of the life force—Pingala and Ida, Eros and Agape, Masculine Creativity and Feminine Embrace—there are many ways of naming them and they point to the same. They are the polarities of existence that we find in “all things.”

Eros, or Gene Key 1, can’t be controlled—he is the creative spark that drives evolution and recognizes the void. Agape or Gene key 57, with a similar flavor as Gene Key 2, can’t be contained—she is so big that everything is encompassed in her intuition, embrace, and hearing. Line 4 in these two Gene Keys shows us that it all has to do with the Heart— reconnecting the split between the third and the fourth chakra—purifying the Solar Plexus to find Identity, Love, and Direction through the G-center. My Incarnation Cross of the Sphinx 4/6 reminds me of this every day.

When life force starts flowing through the Heart, opening the emerald green energy of Universal Love (Gene Key 25) and circling up through the higher chakras, we start to heal and actually embody consciousness on this planet. It’s a process of purification and of opening our Hara line and “One point” to become human conduits of life current between the Earth and the Sky and beyond. 

Gene Key 44 is showing us this matrix and the perfect placement and alignment in order for life force to flow unconstrained, yet touching, molding, and caressing everything it passes through. The I-Ching speaks about Gene Key 44th as “Disseminating the Pollen of Divine Wisdom throughout the World.” It’s about Coming to Meet—Incarnating on Earth, Creating Joint Intention, and Embodying Higher Consciousness Together.

(Bella, Oct 2018)

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Loved this, so much more clarity around the 44. I also have the 44 in culture. Would love to hear if you have thoughts on how this works out as your culture/prosperity ^^ HK


Oh wow! I have exactly those same keys, just my lines are different culture 44.3 life’s work 1.1 and evolution 57.3. Thank you for your insights 😀