Your Eternal Glow

This is your glow. This is your essence and the law you live by. It’s what sparked you into this existence, and it’s what remains long after your body dies. This is your legacy. 

Your glow is eternal.

If you were to watch a supernova happen, the star EXPANDS and then CONTRACTS. In that moment where the star has expanded as much as it possibly could, the only possibility is implosion. A collapse occurs, so with the light, new creations can be birthed. This cosmic event creates a brand new universe. 

Even after the star explodes there is still that glow. That light is still there, and it dies into itself in the ultimate sacrifice. Death for birth. Your light is built for expansion. It yearns for it. It is coded to live, expand and die to create more for the whole. The death of the star expands the universe. The star shines as bright as it possibly can, so its collapse can be as magnificent as its life. 

Your light is always inside of you, and orienting with that light is the way to experience expansion. This is the path and the way you are meant to move forward. And even after that glow is gone, our light has impacted and touched many though the course of our lives. And the legacy of our light is what expands consciousness and more importantly the hearts of those who we’ve touched.

For each of us, our light leads us home to ourselves, and, by living your light, others are shown the way back home to their own light. We are like lighthouses all over the globe. The more you accept and embrace your light, the brighter you shine and the more you attract those lost in the dark searching for that light. They are looking for you. They are looking for hope. You can be that hope. You can be the light for them until they realize the light they hold inside of themselves shines.

To be able to come into your field is going to change them.  The more you accept, embrace and love yourself, the brighter you shine. Shining your light is not trying to shine like someone else. Do not obscure your own light with the blanket of competition, comparison, dullness, judgement, mediocrity. Own your light! You do the world a disservice by not shining. We all need you to shine. Your light matters.

Look for and find the light in everyone.  Encourage that light to shine. Each one of us has a light. Even the people perceived as evil have a light. You can find their light. And when you speak praise and encouragement into somebody, they grow brighter, they shine brighter.

If you want to be seen, you need to see people. See the light in everyone, but most importantly see the light in you. We want you to know without a shadow of a doubt where your light is and what turns that light on and what fires it up. Why is it here and why does it shine? We want you to know how to harness it, create with it and how to share it. 

We do not need to protect our light. No one can steal your light. We are the only ones who choose to dim our own light. And it is so upsetting to see people dim their light. It upsets me because I was guilty of dimming my light in the presence of someone else’s bright light. I thought, “who am I to shine my light next to this person who has all of these beautiful gifts and talents? I can’t even compare.” So I chose to not show up. I chose to dim it. I chose to shrink back. I thought they didn’t understand my light, and I didn’t have the courage enough to shine regardless of what someone else thought.

And I don’t want you to be in that place. I want you to hold your light, to love your light, to shine your light. And to show up no matter what. That eternal glow is your legacy. Shine as bright as you can while you can.

I want to show you your blueprint. I want to orient you with your own magical light. It is calling you home. Let’s shine together.

Please join me, Bella and Simone in Business by Design and learn all about your Brand Merkaba Blueprint. Our first stop is attuning you to your eternal glow. Let’s expand together. 

I am eternally grateful for the once in a lifetime cosmic event that you are. 

Shine on,



I would love for you to join us on our Business by Design Immersion. We start March 11th.

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