Carry me HOME.

I sit here listening to this beautifully haunting and enchanting music bawling my eyes out. Music hits home for me. It opens a portal to my heart and I crack wide open.

This song came to me on the last day the 42nd archetype, The Nomad (gene key/gate/hexagram) is in transit. Line 6, overview day, and moving into the 3rd archetype.  42 is the energy of ENDINGS and 3 is the energy of BEGINNINGS/INNOVATIONS (The Eternal Child). Something beautiful coming from the death of something else. Something emerging from the chaos that ensues when something dies and begins to break down into pieces.

I usually listen to music while I am in the shower and getting ready. Today I am preparing for a call with our Business by Design immersion group and we will be speaking about creativity. I was looking for something to get me in the flow and energy of creation and the 42 just snuck into my recommended songs on YouTube….I was led here:
Please put this song on as you read the rest of this message.

Without endings we cannot have beginnings. Without death we cannot have birth. Contrast and duality is what enriches this life here on Earth. We savor each moment knowing it could be our last one here in this body.

As i listened to this song for the first time, I thought it created a BEAUTIFUL experience of mother Gaia beneath our feet and Father Sky within our hearts. Gaia being receptive earth (archetype 2 – The Feminine) and Father Sky being Creative Heaven (archetype 1 – The Spark). Both intrinsically connected. Both come together to birth the Eternal Child. US. 1 + 1 is THREE. The feminine and masculine merging together in union to create something sacred. TO CREATE. To create the Sacred Child. It is beautiful.

This sacred child knows how to create in the chaos. It will build something magical and majestic from the lego pieces and in the moment of completion will throw it on the floor to watch the pieces land where they may. And without hesitation, they begin to build again. Endless creativity and innovation. Wow.

What is equally beautiful is the choice we have to become emBODYed. Choosing the BODY. Choosing this life. Choosing to say YES to our destiny. With that YES we also choose to forget. We choose to leave behind oneness and unity and come into a world where separation is commonplace. We are in SEPARATE bodies. Our physical bodies are our sacred vehicle. Our sacred container.

We spend our lives trying to find that love we “left” and build a home for ourselves. Thinking that home equals love. Maybe we didn’t find that love in our childhood home. Maybe we did. But at some point in our lives we create a home of love for ourselves and the ones we choose to share it with.

Constantly looking for and learning to be that love and maturing into creators of our own lives. Some of us will birth babies. Some of us will birth businesses. Some of us will bring that creativity into other areas and projects. If you are living, you are creating. We are all creative in our own right. It is within us. That divine spark of creativity is what created us and what lives inside us.

That spark lives on long after we die as well. It is our Eternal Glow. We use it to create in this life and it becomes our legacy and a glow that everyone can see, sense and feel after we leave. We add to the beautiful tapestry of our lives and the lives of others we touch.

When this life in this body is over for us we begin this process of dying. Actually we are ALWAYS in the dying process. However, no one really reconciles with it until we are nearing the end. when there is more life behind us than in front of us. We look back at the marvel that was our life (of the tragedy) and we begin to let go. Little by little. 

As creators, that’s what we need to do. We eventually need to let our creations fly free so they can have a life of their own. Relationships, children, businesses, ideas, etc. As soon as these creations are birthed they too need to mature and mutate. It is life. We also need to release our lives. Letting the memories live on in others and the lessons and experience return to Gaia. The memories are in our cells and in our bodies and our body will nurture the soil once again to be transmuted and transformed.

As we release our body, our soul begins its return. It’s return back HOME. To Source. To Oneness. To Love. To Eternity.

Some of us tend to CLING longer than others. Maybe its attachment to this life and everything in it.  Or maybe its a deep sorrow that you didn’t do all the things you wanted to. Maybe it is that you never manifested your “purpose.” Maybe its regrets. Maybe it’s fear of releasing control. Maybe its fear of what’s on the other side of death. Whatever the clinging is it is deeply personal.

We will never know the extent of our impact or our purpose until we can release completely and return. In the return we get perspective. 360 degrees of perspective. That’s the only way to know the perfection that is your life. When we see life through the eyes of LOVE.

The song that touched me today reminded me SO MUCH of The Nomad archetype. It happens to be my Culture Sphere in Gene Keys / Unconscious Jupiter. And our following transit, The Eternal Child, happens to be my Pearl / Conscious Jupiter. So JUPITER is moving for me. It’s speaking to me and through me. My expansion comes through this whole life experience. Being NOW. Being here. And choosing to be with the endings and beginnings.

AKAAL means timeless, immortal and non temporal.
“The One Beyond Time””At the time of death we chant Akaal three times. Akaal means ‘Undying’ and refers to the soul that is being released. This sound current helps to guide the soul to pass out of this worldly realm and into the Akaal Purakh, the Undying Being.”
In this body we experience time. Time allows us to experience endings and beginnings. It is this contrast that gives us experiences and a linear way of ilving. It is beautiful and it is also a source of pain for many. Time and Death. We celebrate birth. Some celebrate death. But most feel this sense of anxiety with TIME.

What if it all was a GIFT.

This body was a gift and with it came the possibility to live a life with an expiration date. The expiration date of the body. We learn how precious our life is and the life of others as we experience the death of pets, loves ones, friends and others. We mourn relationships. Not all endings are painful. We also celebrate graduations. We celebrate the time we put in towards mastery and certification. We celebrate when a journey is complete.

Can we extend that celebration to the ending of a life? To the completion?

We are returning BACK HOME. We are the prodigal son or daughter returning home to Father/Mother God. To the Source. To Love. To be embraced and taken in. To be received.

What a beautiful HOMECOMING.

I hope this awakened something in you. And I hope that by sharing this you can let the Nomad (42) into your heart and soul so he it can share its wisdom. Death and endings is a part of life. Let’s find peace with it and in it.
I hope you return home to YOURSELF in this lifetime. Fully expressed and accepting your Divine Creatorship. Life Life by Your Design.


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The music seems to have had the same affect(effect?) on me..but it was your words also that seemed to match the essence of the song..glad i found them..thank you


This music touches me and your words, thank you for expressing. What beautiful reminders. I feel myself deepening into this trust of life in this form and all that resonates with ‘One’ frequency have been my saviours in reminding me when I feel separate- as a part of ‘me’ dies, a new awakens. Blessings to these transmissions and reflections.