14 – The Alchemical Locomotive

It was a very intense autumn this year! Especially because 2020 was so unpredictable and invited us, moment by moment, to connect to the important and intimate themes of reality.

We end the astrological activation of Scorpio’s energy, and today’s article is dedicated to exploring the key / gate 14, the last key activated by the energy of this zodiac sign. This zodiac sign is dear and intimate to me, both because I have natal placements in this sign, and because life has given me the opportunity to love, in everyday life, a wonderful representative of this sign. With love written for you who have Scorpio energy in the natal chart and for you, those with the key 14 active in the profile, I hope that this article manages to present the essence (at least part of it) of this activation.

I was talking in the article dedicated to key 1 about the association I make between the element Fire and the sign of Scorpio. Yes, yes … I know … Scorpio is a Water sign, I haven’t forgotten. But a fiery water! And here I feel like reminding this aspect, because both activation 1 and 14 (for those familiar with the language of Gene Keys or HD gates) are part of the Ring of Fire (you can read more about it here). But the fire of the key 14 is different, and in this article I will detail a little about it. I chose the image of a Locomotive, inspired by the steam of this means of transport and the resources used to ensure movement … the heat is so familiar to the keys 1 and 14, it is not in vain that Fire activates their inner energy.

The path that key 14 invites us to take is through the shadow of Compromise, the Gift of Competence and the Grace of Generosity. Sounds like an impressive leap, doesn’t it? … the one from shadow to grace … and yes, it’s impressive, like everything related to this key.

Let’s start with Fire. Inner fire! If for key 1 Fire is closely linked to innovation and creation, divine spark, for key 14 Fire has another meaning. As the owner of this key / gate, for me this activation is closely related to passion. To live life expressing the inner passion. When the outside emanates the same joy of living and experiencing life as it lights the inner call of fire … no sign of Compromise.

Let’s explore a little the fascinating path of this key and see how this fascinating change is made between the frequency of shadow and that of gift and grace. The shadow of Compromise I think we have all felt in our lives, not just those who hold this key in profile. How many times have we eagerly felt the call in one direction and chosen to invest our energy in something that has been asked of us or imposed on us? How many times have we ignored our inner calling, the compass full of light that guides us on the right path for us … choosing directions that are much more mundane or less authentic to our selves? Well, there are the seeds of Compromise … ignoring the colorful and warm light of the Inner Fire. When we do not listen to our heart, when we do not listen to our true calling, when we do not follow our path, the pure and authentic desire of the interior, we leave room for Compromise to nest in the soul and cells of our being. We’ve all experienced this. Unfortunately. But what happens when we let ourselves be guided by the passion that lives in us? When do we follow the call of the Inner Fire? Competence appears, because we do what we do with dedication, with love, with Light! And we become good at what we do, because we experience genius and inspire others. Key 14 is also related to Key 8, the Diamond of the Self. The inner fire helps us to live our lives in prosperity, with generosity and splendor. The Key / Gate 14 is associated with Generosity and prosperity, it is present in the profiles of those who turn the Inner Fire into gold. An alchemical activation of the magical energy of Scorpio, a mystical and enchanting sign.

Let’s move on to the astrological part of this activation, my favorite part. I have the Moon in Scorpio, activated by this wonderful key. In Vedic Astrology, the corresponding Nakshatra is called Vishaka and tells a fascinating story. The story of determination, clarity, focus and success. The governors of this Nakshatra, or rather the associated deities are Indragni and Indrani, Indragni being associated with Fire – Agni, and Indrani being considered the Queen of Paradise (you can watch a very interesting video on this topic here). There are several types of Fire, as you probably guessed. This activation speaks of a Fire that clearly illuminates the path to success. The fire of digestion, ideas, concepts, feelings, the Fire associated with personal power, associated with chakras 2 and 3, the creative power and the power of the direction of the authentic Self. When we become aware of this Fire, when we let ourselves be guided by the powerful energy of this activation that animates our whole being, we unlock Prosperity, Creativity and the Nectar of Life. The Chariot of Abundance is the symbol of the 14th key, and the Triumphal Arch is the symbol of this Nakshatra. When we live our lives with passion, with intensity, when we follow our calling, we discover our wonderful talents and live the real success, the one that can be lived with others, because let’s not forget, the key 14 is strongly related to Generosity. Isn’t it that when we are bright, we radiate our light around us as well?

Before concluding, I feel like mentioning the Taurus / Scorpio polarity that is present in channel 2-14, the channel that in Human Design is associated with Alchemy and the refinement of Sacral energy. Both zodiac signs are related to power, the power of creation and distuction, the power to use and transform resources, both internal and external. Continuing this channel in the HD profile is channel 1-8, another energy composed of Taurus / Scorpio polarity. And from the Water / Fire polarization. Water and Fire are two elements present and active in the zodiacal archetype of Scorpio. Fire helps us to live our lives with passion and dedication, and Water helps us to connect with depth and compassion to our selves and to the emotions, realities and feelings of our loved ones.

In conclusion, I invite you to feel the Inner Fire. Is it more like flashes? Is it motion? Does it burn? It lights? The inner fire is alive, it is sensitive, it is emotional … it burns everything, it is barely perceptible, or it can illuminate. The competence of 14 helps us to learn to guide and use this Fire, to become the masters of the inner Fire. It needs our care and attention to meaningfully illuminate existence. The next time you make decisions that you feel will extinguish your passion and the joy of living life in prosperity … take a short break and ask yourself how you would act out of love, what decision you would make loving with passion, and how your decision could it brings passion and generosity to the lives of those around it. For this is how the Chariot of Abundance / Alchemical Locomotive is filled … with love, passion, the generosity of being, of living, of working with joy and dedication, living our call full of Fire!

The video on this topic can be watched here:

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