Silent Revolution


submitted by Rasa Prem

You want to change the world,

and the world laughs at you.

You are so small, insignificant -no one listens to you.

Exhaustion, depression, resignation follow

and you give up, give up completely.

You become silent, introvert, careful.

You don’t know what to do.

You don’t try anything any more.

You resigned.

And in this resignation

a little spark of life lights up.

In the desperation,

some detachment occurs,

In this silence new world emerges,

which was hidden, overlooked and suppressed.

And the silent revolution begins.

Rage, anger, sadness, bitterness,

disappointments coming one by one.

Shame, blame, confusion, suspicion,

battles, wars and peace agreements.

Doubts, Worries are rising up,

and the anger is returning,

desires are multiplying,

and you courageously and confidently

more and more accepting it all,

seeing the impermanence,

understanding where it is coming from.

And you start loving what you see and experience,

start releasing what is not essentially yours,

start appreciating the moments of rage and anger,

and expand in your joy,

start looking into pain, shame and depression

and find the dignity, growth, lightness,

start welcoming sadness, grief and despair,

and taste the everlasting peace.

And days and years are passing,

the silent revolution continues,

the battles become more subtle,

the peace periods become longer,

the guests of the darkness are welcomed.

They become each time friendlier and

less annoying.

The lightness is all around, joy and laughter.

nothing is unseen, light is prevailing.

You radiate like a sun.

You have changed forever,

so the world.

Rasa Prem

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