New Moon in Aries

New Moon in Aries at 11 Aries 30’ initiating this cycle conjunct Chiron and a Trans-Neptunian object Leleākūhonua #541132 I have been in a deep and delicious contemplation with by Alison Dhuanna McCabe

Let’s first consider the wound of Chiron in Aries which is essentially about not being seen or heard. The children from the late Sixties to 1977 were born with Chiron in Aries and will be having their Chiron return’s also reactivating these old wounds. This is a generation born with a strong sense of ‘I’ and individuality, and yet at the same time were bringing in the ways of the future so often were generally not seen or heard by the Overculture. The extent of this is determined by the individual chart of course.

I recall my Grade I teacher saying to my parents when I was 6 years old that I was either a genius or completely stupid. Teachers are more subtle these days, but even at age 6 I knew I was a genius of sorts though the tribal conditioning I experienced growing up in Apartheid South Africa left its scars. Having just gone through my Chiron return its only now I feel fully able to embrace the path of Astrologer, Priestess and Poet with Devotion and free from fear.

The children now are also being born with Chiron in Aries and will develop this theme of individual self and genius even more. They will play an important role at the time of the big shift in 2027 predicted in Human Design and we are already witnessing the breakdown of many systems as we exit the background energy of the Cross of Planning into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. Ra Uru Hu spoke about these children having marked individuality and so Chiron in Aries is imprinting this right now for the future.

As I say though with this New Moon we will all be experiencing this theme collectively. So look out for how it effects you personally this week?

The gift of Chiron in Aries is to paradoxically resist being homogenised into the mainstream culture and at the same time surrendering to being what in shamanic circles is called the Hollow Bone – a vessel through which spirit can move effortlessly and free from fear.

This higher frequency of Chiron is greatly supported by the presence of Leleākūhonua #541132  at 10 Degrees Aries. This Trans Neptunian Object is one of a few named Sednoids at the far reaches of the Solar System with a orbit of 37,996 years! It was discovered in 2015 and given a Polynesian name which means ‘where the sky touches the ground’.

This week I have been walking a pilgrimage in Wales to Bardsey island and experiencing many different ways in which the sky touches the land and sea in myself and in the landscape. I wrote this poem and only on returning home discovered the New Moon this month is conjunct Leleākūhonua #541132

Leleākūhonua #541132 by Alison Dhuanna McCabe

There is a place where the Sky meets the Sea

called Leleakuonua by the Polynesian people’s;

and the closer it comes towards you

until it is right here,

the more you realise

the horizon in within as well as without.

That inside is a vast beauty reflected in the world

Reflected today in my Inner Landscape

a bog dance in fierce mud

covered with innocent grass

that could eat a whole boot it sucks so well;

Ancient rocks of lichens and mosses;

pale spiralling grey, vibrant starry moss, spiky black crunch, tiny orange sponges;

at a quartz waterfall of exquisite beauty

a rich geological soup

formed over thousands of years

A Peacock upon a castle wall

raises its tail, illuminated eyes in every feather

swirls for us revealing

his sacred geometry, his foundational strength

to produce this miraculous display

All of this is inside me;

The Beauty and the Struggle

and the realisation

The Beauty IS the Struggle

A the subtle horizon of myself with heaven

is the wind of breath;

On the wind of the breath is voice

ooooooh aaaaaaah eeeeeeh

the Creator’s greatest gift to humanity

Within the very DNA Gifts of Divinity

of tenderness, truth, grace and compassion awaken

Conflict and war have ceased where Beauty shines

The light of the sun streams through my eyes, my skin;

from flat and sterile I bulge

tender hands upon my spine supporting, listening

and I blossom

as the fruits on the trees

into the Inner Landscape of Beauty

In Human Design and Gene Keys the New Moon conjunction takes takes place in Gene Key 21 called A Noble Life with its Shadow of Control, Gift Authority of and Siddhi of Valoir

We are now also approaching the end of the Kala Sarpa Yoga an extremely stressful and challenging cosmic event which started in February where all the planets and most of the asteroids apart from Ceres and Hygeia are one side of the moon’s nodes. Given this has just about triggered World War III the feelings and experiences it evokes for us, wherever we are living, are important to pay attention too and transmute to create an inner field of peace. In the poem I wrote this week the connection between the astrological themes I have talked about and peace I feel are revealed.

We are also already in the expansive field of Jupiter now just two degrees away from Neptune in Pisces with exact conjunct on the 7th April opening the field of divine gifts of compassion, truth, grace and tenderness.

This week Tuesday I am doing a webinar for Unlock Your Design on Goddess Asteroid Hygeia who is playing a key role in the unfolding path of awakening Healers on the planet who are shifting the Event Horizon to a more favourable and harmonious future . See the details on how to join below.

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 The fifth Asteroid Goddess we will explore is Hygiea. For this we have our special guest, Astrologer Alison McCabe in the Inner Circle.

 Time: Tuesday 29th at 10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm CET on zoom


? Hygiea is one of the Daughters of Asclepius and she is a very special Goddess of Healing.

? We see her archetype actively growing in the world today in the growth in sound healing and other modalities which change brain frequency.

? Another area she rules is Circadian Rhythms which is becoming more and more recognized in its importance and the body’s relationship to light.

? In this webinar we will explore how the Hygiea guides us to open our healing powers.

? We will also speak about what it means to have Hygiea in each of the different Signs & Houses.

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