Ego Center: The Mystical Veil of my Only Motor

I am a Splenic Ego Mani, and if you’ve ever listened to a Ra lecture you have heard him say this about himself as well.  I have a defined Ego motor and splenic authority, the gates that are alive in my Ego center are, 51.4, 51.6, 21.4, 26.5, 26.3 and 40.2.

I feel like there is a distinction that can be made between someone who has a Splenic Ego combo. When the Spleen and the Ego centers run your life, there is a certain quality of Ego that is brought to all interactions,  but maybe we can get into that another time.  

My experience of this Splenic/Ego mechanic has been both similar in hindsight and very different from Ra’s.  Today I’d love to share about my experience experimenting with being a 6/2 Splenic Ego Manifestor.  

In Human Design, if you have a motor defined, this is where everything starts, in the case of the ego motor, it needs an exchange in order to get up and running. This has been such a confusing and hurtful aspect of my life.  I didn’t want to be someone who only did things for money … but I found myself only having the energy to do something if I had a bargain.  At 18 getting my real estate license because it was the fastest way to get the biggest exchange for my body’s effort.  What Ra says is true though, a not self Manifestor is a scary thing, my wide open Sacral center never knew when enough was enough and my open root had my cortisol through the roof whenever my phone rang, but still I put my ego’s blood, sweat and tears into building other people’s dreams.  I’m so happy I did! 

My motor was activated but I was not following my authority, I was letting my mind over ride my intuitive knowledge, using this powerful Ego as ammo.  And so an autoimmune disorder called Lupus epigenetically unfolded and wreaked havoc in my body.  Until I found Design. 

When I started experimenting with needing an exchange in order to “work” I found that it was really true … If I do not have a bargain, or even a perceived bargain, my mind will produce the work, and it will not be correct.  If I have a bargain it will come from my body, the mystical and profound veil of Neptune. I am able to serve in ways that were much more peacefully IMPACTFUL to everyone, Instead of being someone’s warrior for rightness. 

I invite you to look at your chart, do you want to? 

When the energy moves from any motor in your chart it will always move the path of least resistance trying to reach your throat.  So if you look at your chart you will see where your motors are, then track with your finger up through design to your throat,  this is what your motors path is.  

It doesn’t matter if your channels and gates do not reach to your throat, that is also a topic for another day. 

(The motors in the chart are the Sacral, Root, Emotional Solar Plexus, and Ego center)

Where does your energy move? What motor does it come from and what channels are coming from that motor, where do they go? What dots can you connect from your life once you see that? 

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As I mentioned the only defined motor I have active in my chart is the Ego center. It reaches my throat  through the 26/44,  the 26 in my chart is in the Neptune placement and is veiled by Neptune’s influence … which means that my motor’s frequency is veiled to me. I get to accept the mystical or mundane character of this gate without understanding the purpose of its expression.  I do not understand or have direct access to the voice of my motor’s reasoning.  I just experience it, which means you and I both get to hear the cool stuff that comes out of my mouth at the same time.  When I allow my body to do the talking I am so surprised at the frequency and content of what I say,  and so are the people I’m talking to.  

Then the energy in my body takes a meandering mostly unconscious pathway through my Splenic system, into my identity center then finally to my throat.  This makes me a Manifestor, but like RA, not through a direct manifesting channel … More like a Manifestor that needs an invitation to directly impact.  (Like Ra hearing the voice and answering the invitation to share, no matter how reluctantly or 5th line he went about it, he was continuously invited to share, pessimism and all) 

Here are the basics of what I have learned: 

I have learned over my lifetime of trial and error that my guiding impact on others gets me to be invited in order to feel peaceful.  I have learned that the veil of Neptune over my only motors expression requires that I have others as sounding boards, not for permission or even feedback, but so I can speak what my Ego has energy and an exchange for and watch my Splenic/intuitive system act or not.

When I allow that expression to flow naturally, I say things that I have never said or thought of before.  I say things that are mystical and meaningful, the things I find myself saying are helpful to me as well as the person who invited me to Impact.   

My unconscious activations allow me to surrender. To do my own thing and only impact directly when invited, and boy when I’m invited does that IMPACT bring us both a greater sense of peace in our incarnation.    

A misunderstanding that people carry about a defined Ego is that people see me always as confident and proud, which I can be (its a frequency after all), but sometimes I really can feel anxious and unsure.   

I have learned that defined Egos are affected by conditioning. I can see my mother’s open Ego hanging gates reflected in me.   

I love that I am here to make and keep promises, I love that I am a warrior and able to hold space for my own and therefore others awakening (51) in a strong (40), valorous (21) and artful way (26).  I love knowing that I have the power to take care of my tribe, I am nurtured in the joy I receive when others feel empowered, guarded and seen by my impact.  

This is my Egos story .. SO far 🙂 

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Vanessa Naja

Ohhh, thank you for sharing. I have a defined ego through the 37/40. All my centers except for the head are defined and my root and ESP connect to throat through 53/42 and 34/20. My ESP and ego are my single split from the rest of my chart. the 59, 55 or 30 bridge my split. I definitely can feel how the 37/40 affects me on so many levels as far as when people break commitments or bargains and how that activates my tribal wave. I definitely want to explore the ego more and see how that integrates into my… Read more »


Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in the Ego Hub call !



Loved this. Beautifull to read ^^

Tyler Eric

Thanks you sound similiar to me, I got more defined It sounded like tho. I got the Money Line, Transformation, Curiousity. So when I have splenic hunches i can easily find the energy to do whatever it is that it’s askiing me to do. I like to when they activity involves some other people and then shit gets easy again. Like competition. I’m a Mars Leo, I feel like I can just not get tired at all if I just stay in flow and I’m allowed to do as I would like. I don’t have really a desire to control… Read more »