The Neptune Jupiter Conjunction

The Neptune Jupiter Conjunction – the Power of Communion

by Alison Dhuanna Goddess Asteroid Astrologer and Gene Keys Guide

If you have been following my writing for a while now you will I enjoy synthesising the Gene Keys with Goddess Asteroid Astrology so that I’m offering insight to some of the more subtle nuances of these big transits wobbling our world.

On the approach to the Neptune Jupiter conjunction I was on a pilgrimage by the sea and mountains in Wales which is a very magical and holy place walking the Welsh Camino. I was also contemplating a new Trans Neptunian Object called Leleakuhonua that had come to my attention, a Polynesian word that means the place where the Sky meets the Earth or Sea. On one particular day as we looked over Bardsey Island the sky and sea were the exact same shade of grey and it was in places impossible to perceive where this meeting place was. I also had a vision then of many planetary bodies creating a ‘white out’ effect – see my poem at the bottom I wrote after the vision.

Jupiter and Neptune are in Gene Key 36.2 with its Shadow of Turbulence, Gift of Humanity and Sidhhi of Compassion. I can perceive very much how the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine taps into all levels of this Gene Key.

We have been in a very stressful and challenging energy since February called the Kala Sarpa Yoga in Vedic astrology where all of the Planets and main asteroids are one side of the Moon’s Nodes. This will actually end soon when Mercury pops out at the North Node and the pressure will start to release. It feels that the war in Ukraine is the place of earth where the release of this boil came, but we are all part of it in our globalised world now.

There have been two Goddess Asteroids outside of the Kala Sarpa Yoga who have been intriguing me in what they are sowing energetically in our Human realms. Firstly Hygeia a Goddess of Healing has been in Gene Key 1 Pure Yang with its Siddhi of Beauty. Our recognition of Beauty around us and within us is one of the key ways in which healing is flooding our planet. During the pandemic many of us slowed down and spent more time in nature noticing beauty in new ways. This is such an important thing to do and it ultimately is creating the New Earth paradigm. Hygiea is now in Gene Ky 44.6 sowing the ways of Synergy and Synarchy among Humanity. Synarchy is a non-hierarchical and organic way we will organise in the future – more like bees. Each person having infinite space and opportunity to expand and blossom in their gifts and not interfering, oppressing or putting invisible lids on how far people can progress because it doesn’t meet the needs of the established system – which is also under intense pressure from both Pluto and Saturn to break down right now.

I am also intrigued by Ceres who has just enter Gene Key 45.1 with its Shadow of Dominance, Gift of Synergy and Siddhi of Communion. Communion is in essence a higher stage of Synarchy where we perceive, as in the words of St Paul, that were are all One Body. Once we know this at the deepest levels we will realise the futility of oppression because in the end we only keep hurting ourselves. A new wave of energy is coming in that will encourage the nurturing of the Totality and the Wholeness of all of Creation. Ceres was the first Goddess Asteroid to be discovered and she is concerned with attachment, food and our ability to nurture ourselves, others and our planet.

This weekend I attended a Sufi workshop where we sang the Lords Prayer in Aramaic and also danced it in circles. I experienced a deep healing when we reached the line ’give us this day our daily bread’. In Aramaic the words are ‘Hawvlan lachma d’sunquanan yeomana’. Aramaic was Jesus’s spoken langauge and has many layers and so it is very revealing to read the translations of his words in his own tongue and vibration. Lachma is bread but it is also understanding – so the big question is as we receive this huge transformative energy of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces is how much can we receive that? How much do we have faith that our daily needs will be met? In addressing these underlying survival fears that effect us all in Western countries, we are deconditioning ourselves for the new ways of Communion. Also it raises the question of whether we can live with satisfaction in the present without the trigger of fear motivating our hoarding of food, money and goods. This translation work has been done by Neil Douglas-Klotz who lives in the USA and has a website if you feel drawn to explore this further.

The Moon for 12th April when Jupiter and Neptune came into exact conjunction was crossing over from Leo to Virgo and there has recently been another big cosmic event where the star Regulus the Heart of the Lion moved from Gene Key 29 The Abyss to Gene Key 59 which is called The Dragon in the Genome.

This is supporting a whole move away from hierarchical ways of leading that support a few to non -hierarchical ways of organising as outlined above. Reading Gene Keys 44 and 45 will give a much deeper flavour in the The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd as to the depths of this transformation taking place. It is also opening another layer of the healing Goddess energies of Virgo flowing into manifestation – as a strong Virgo myself with my Ascendant conjunct Regulus I am really feeling that change in my bones.

If you feel drawn to this Divine Feminine energy and Priestess lineage I invite you to join me on a beautiful Yoga and Well being subscription Platform called Soul Tribe where there are weekly Goddess Asteroid Astrology and Gene Keys sessions, creative ceremonies and daily mudra practices. It is an intimate setting – currently 23 of us with many Astrologers, Priestesses. Gene Keys Guides and Yogis so there is lots of good energy and heart to heart connection.

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Check out a new platform on Telegraph with my colleague Katreni Maticce a Human Design Analyst as we look at the big issues and alignments in conversation as we approach 2027. Our last one was about the Neptune Jupiter ‘white out’ and the movement of Regulus. The group is called Understanding the Change and its free to join

Purposelessness in a Snow Storm by Alison

Reflections on TNO Leleakuhonua and the Neptune Jupiter conjunction

All around the snow is falling

softly, silently like great white feathers from heaven

each one a jewel,

resting perfectly on tree branches and dark stones

until the world is so white

that the place that defines sky and earth is no more

and I am lost;

In awe and alarmed aloneness

I am forced to reach inside myself for courage

There is nothing now to show me the way

all markers are lost in this soft, silent storm

only some kind of inner orientation,

some great sense of mythical adventure

will carry me across this mountain home,

or into the hands of death

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Alison that article really sang to my whole Being. Thank you! I will read and re-read this.


Thank you Rhinda