New Moon in Virgo

by Alison Dhuanna

It has been a very intense few months as all the outer planets have turned retrograde along with many of the Goddess Asteroids. This will reach a pinnacle this week as Uranus is the final big planet to join this cosmic unravelling of all we have held dear.

I’m going to focus this on how this is affecting the field of relationships in a big way. As a back drop there is a new and clear intention for the evolutionary impulse which is transforming what male female relationships and all relationships on the LGBTQ spectrum are all about. The old rules and customs were primarily in place to ensure the survival of the Tribe, to have children to populate the planet.

Now the evolutionary impulse with increasing intensity is to create humans who are capable of making a quantum leap in consciousness birthing a new universe, and and actually the LGBTQ story and break down of rigid gender roles is very much part of that. The rules of engagment though are very different and so the ‘marriage vows’ are being torn up and rescripted. Many realtionships will not survive this period, those that will will find themselves on new ground and better for it.

In the traditional marriage permanence is seen as the highest form of love and valued by the culture. In the new ‘wave form’ way of being to focus on permanence actually interferes with the way that Eros at the heart of the creative process can operate. It creates rigidity, fear and massive tension between the sexes.

To let go of the need for the security through the maya of permanence, a transcendance of self is required. An inner sense of authority and core stability that connects us through our heart with The One and allows us and others freedom in new ways. This does not mean you can’t be in a long term relationship and be very committed – these are all very good qualities. Its the attempt to pin things down which is problematic.

The New Moon is on Sat 27th August at 4 Virgo 03’ in Gene Key 59.5. The Shadow of this key at the heart of the transformation I have been referring to is Dishonesty, the Gift Intimacy and the Siddhi Transparency and in the Line 5 it plugs straight into the collective! So this is a powerful seed for another level of this new story to emerge.

For me this story has been shaping up over a few years through a TNO called Salacia and her male counter part Neptune. Neptune is now retrograde at 24 Pisces 34’ which is is generating some waves of turbulence and Neptune is under pressure to change his old ways of objectifying and disrespecting women – Medusa being a good case in point.

Salacia and Neptune represent this new order of relationships so what are the key points

  • Salacia refuses to engage with Neptune at the level of lust and so he has to make an adjustment to his higher chakras in order to win her love
  • Salacia overcomes her inner insecurity to hold the make in her aura through sex or other means
  • A Dolphin intervenes to bring them together representing hightened sensitivity and communication
  • Salacia is hard to get but not in the conventional sense – she can totally give her heart and her devotion but the ‘frequency’ level has to be right and nobody can own her. She has a lot of resonances with the Priestess Vesta in this sense.
  • The highest form of love both Neptune and Salacia can offer each other is not permanence – it is the dance of Light on Water, Eros and Creation in the imaginal realms, the passionate unity of male and female at the heart of Creation creating the Philosophers Stone.
  • Its is also not for them personally that it unfolds – it is for the creation of the new ways (though of course they can have a wonderful time in the myth making together)
  • This alchemy can be within ourselves and reflected outside in a partnership

There is another body called Make Make the Easter Island god who intrigues me in all this. He has been oppossng Salacia for many months – he is at 7 Libra at the New Moon and Salacia is at 8 Aries being rapidly expanded by the presence of Jupiter. There feels to be a calling of the renewal of the land through human sexuality, fertility and rituals.

On this axis Aries Libra axis there is a balance of self and other that is called for. Have you compromised too much and lost yourself and need a dose of Aries? Or do you need to give more to your relationships to give them balance and priority in your life and have some Libran vibes?

As these new patterns emerge there is a relentless breakdown of the old through the Outer Planets:

Jupiter in Aries calls for an energetic and pioneering expansion and in retrograde we may get a sense of where we block ourselves through our belief systems based on the old paradigm.

Saturn in Aquarius is tearing down the old structures making way for new ones which support the Aquarian ideal.

Neptune in Pisces in Gene Key 36 Turbulence is travelling for a good few months with Astraea and Juno in Gene Key 22 Dishonour so this is another level of unravelling activating this Codon deeply connected with the Divine Feminine. Astraea will be helping with that sensitisation and Juno with the honouring of the partnership as a pathway to higher love.

Uranus turned retrograde on the 24th August with the North Node joining the other big boys and has just moved from Gene Key 2 the pure Yin Codon back into Gene Key 23 where the urge for simplicity and stripping away will come strongly into play. I’m really feeling this and the urge to go off camping in the wild with just the wind, the sun and all the animals for company.

Finally Pluto is still in Capricorn also cracking open ‘forms’ and in Gene Key 60 bringing us strongly into feelings of limitation.

Amidst all this chaos, coming into assist us is Hygiea the Dreaming and Healing Goddess now conjunct the South Node in Gene Key 1, activating the Siddhi of Beauty. They are in an exact inconjunct with Chiron the Wounded Healer in Aries so there is the possibility of the emergence now of a new Self – this self that is the one who will be making the collective quantum leap.

Venus is just completing her powerful Morning Star Phase too and begins her underworld passage towards the Sun where she will be resurrected as Inanna Queen of Heaven and Earth and as the Evening Star. The Veus Star Point on the 22 October 2022 is incredibly special as it is the first Libra Star point opening a whole new aeon leading into 2035. The opening of the Libra Star points supports and shows the longer term trajectory that this New Moon is a single but powerful point of transformation.

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