New Moon Eclipse in Gene Key 28

New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio

by Alison Dhuanna

This month’s New Moon follows hot on the heels of the first Venus Star Point in Libra for 150 years. The last time this happened triggered a cultural rennaisance of music and arts so this time round what might we expect? With Libra’s energies the opening of a new portal of Sacred Partnership is on the cards – there is likley to be ending and beginings of relationships and whirlwind changes with so many outer planets being retrograde in the past few months cracking open the old structures. This incoming energy is also good news for those striving to work together for the benefit of all.

The Venus Star Point takes place on the 22 October 2022 in Gene Key 50.4 which is the last degree of Libra. Over the next 100 year period the Venus Star Points will move clockwise deeper and deeper into its lighter energies and out of Scorpio. Gene Key 50 has the Shadow of Corruption, the Gift of Equilibrium and the Siddhi of Harmony. Venus is conjunct the following bodies at the VSP which give a delightful flavour of her purpose as these energies mingle:

Haumea – Hawaiian Fertility Goddess – Haumea holds the New Earth codes, how we create a new Earth within our own bodies. She has been in her very slow transit in Gene Key 50 for at least 2 years holding space for the arrival of this VSP. Mary Magdalen and Artemis seem key archetypes interacting with the Haumea energies.

Freia the Norse Goddess – speaking the light language of nature, animal and plant communication – she is the partner of Odin and together they created the Runes.

Elatus the Centaur – Building rainbow bridges between polarising realities, repairing the matrix

Amor – bring on the romance!

Saturn turns direct on the same day as the VSP in Aquarius which I feel is very significant. Over the past few months that glue that holds together cultural agreements and laws such as ‘marriage’ have been dissolving. The Aquarian path requires equality and reciprocity in relationships and in my recent experience of embracing my inner ‘damsel in distress’ perhaps moving into more traditional roles at times that may have been previously rejected by my generations in our bid for independence. Life will bring us each experiences to show us where we are out of balance and what we need to allow into our lives to regain harmony.

I also want to give Orpheus and Narcissus a mention who are occupying the space of the last retrograde VSP in Capricorn from January 2022. Orpheus is a highly talented musician who carries a shed load of grief from losing his wife Euridice. Narcissus, while usually considered negative, allows us to see ourselves more clearly reflected in the Other and also helps us fall in love with ourselves. Perhaps for the first time ever we realise our desirability and perfection and through self love come closer to our own Soul. Like Orpheus we find a pathway back into life through beauty and music.

The New Moon takes place at 2 degrees Scorpio 2’in Gene Key 28 with its Shadow of Purposelessness, Gift of Totality and Siddhi of Immmortality. Venus is also in an exact conjunction to the New Moon Eclipse. This is astoundingly perfect as in the Innana myth Venus is reborn at her conjunction with the Sun. On the 22 December a few months from now she will emerge from the underworld – having been through her life, death and rebirth process she rises as Evening Star visible to us once more from Earth. The VSP is the moment of rebirth as She prepares to rise again. So Venus will also be at this exact point of 28.1 along with asteroid Aphrodite and Uranian Apollon. This very much enhances the energies of a cultural rennaisance – Venus Aphrodite is essentially about beauty and feminine power (but lets not make it too sweet as is her dimished self under the patriarchal ideology!) The ancient temples of Apollo were places of healing through music, dance and the arts so we can expect these new types of mystery schools to start popping up and I will share about the one I have been co-creating at the end.

This eclipse portal I’m feeling will allow parts of the self that have been hidden and repressed through fear or perhaps even embarressment to come forward again into the Totality of the Immortal Self. It is up to you to embrace what appears in this moment. With all the Venusian themes such gifts could be creative, sensual parts of the self that have been locked away and gifts such as healing or seership could come online at higher octaves. You may also be experiencing this as the Libra Star Point approaches.

Immortality is a state of consciousness when the Self absorbs the self. Its not comfortable and involves meeting every single deep fear you have as you reach deeper and deeper into the inner well of the only place you will find a true sense of security. A couple of mornings ago this Rumi poem crossed my path and it seems perfect for this moment as Venus was born from the foaming sea

The Moon and the Sea by Rumi

At dawn the moon appeared

And swooped down from the sky to take a look at me.

Like a falcoln hunting up a meal,

The moon grabbed me and away we went!

I looked for myself, but myself was gone:

In the moon, by grace, my body had become like soul.

Luminous I journeyed on as soul, but all I saw was that moon –

Until the mystery of Self and self was completely clear.

Nine types of heaven, nine vibrations, all mingled in that moon;

And the boundaries of my being disappeared into the sea

Waves broke.

Awareness rose again

And sent out a voice.

It always happens like this.

Sea turns on itself and foams:

With every foaming bit

Another body, another being takes form.

And when the sea sends word,

Each foaming body

Melts immediately back to ocean breath.

Thank to mybeloved friend Shams ‘lhaqq, Sun f Truth

Without his stregth,

I couldn’t see the moon

I couldn’t become the sea

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