Venus (and Mars) Work is THE work to do.

Venus (and Mars) Work is THE work to do.

The Venus sequence (in Gene Keys) is NOT just about Venus. Mars shows up multiple times as well. We are healing the feminine AND masculine within.

The purpose of the path is to heal our wounds, integrate fragmented and traumatized parts of ourselves and unite the sacred masculine and feminine within. We are here to dissolve the divide. To obliterate the fear and competition complex.

We travel this path to witness what our attractor field (attraction sphere – GK) brings us in terms of relationships. We observe the conscious expressions of Venus and mars (IQ and EQ – GK) and the biofeedback look that keeps up locked in DEFENSE. And we discover what keeps our hearts in a lock down pattern and uncover what our one-point and sacred medicine that can heal it all (SQ / unconscious Venus) and bring us healing of our core wound (CORE / unconscious mars).

This is a journey back game to ourselves. To the point of conception. To the wound we selected to transform ans transmute. Our greatest wound is the world biggest blessing. And it is within the wounded masculine. Do you know what will transform the wounding? The feminine SOFTENING.

Our unconscious Venus of our blueprint (SQ sphere) must open the floodgates of love. The masculine needs it. Love heals all wounds. And we have access to this love through the portals of our hearts. Venus is the gate keeper. It can be safe to let mars in.

Every time I travel the Venus Sequence (GK) I use mindful observation. I contemplate. And I try to choose differently. Once I see the patterns at work that keep me divided WITHIN myself I can choose a different way of being and doing. My inner shift creates an outer and my relationships are transformed.

If you keep an eye out for what divides you can choose to unite instead. When you see the wound you can put down the blade and you can intuitively know what balm to soothe the wound.

We have gotten extremely adept at pushing buttons, causing pain and competing and warring within and without. The masculine and feminine aren’t supposed to be at war.

They are meant to unite. The eternal child is meant to see whats possible for its parents. To witness love and harmony in the home. To feel safe to express its creativity.

Diving into the deep waters of the Venus takes commitment, courage and radical self responsibility. Its not HIS fault the relationship is not healthy or empowering. It is not HER fault either. It takes two to enter into a relationship and both parties are responsible for their own experience.

Your reaction to your partner is your own reaction to your internal masculine/feminine. Be grateful for such a beautiful mirror and choose to do the inner work.

Choose to have a relationship revolution.
Choose to rebirth.
Choose sacred union within.

Let the feminine “rise” to BALANCE out with the masculine not rise above him. She was never meant to be above him. So stop trying to emasculate him. Yes she CAN do it alone, but does she really want to? He is her foundation. He is her rock. He is her protector. He is her space holder. Let him be part of your world. RISE TOGETHER. Let her love you. Let her softness soften your heart. RISE TOGETHER.

It’s never too late to have a breakthrough in your relationship to yourself and others. Be honest with yourself…can you let your walls down?

Bella Krystal and I are heading into the EQ (conscious Venus) territory this week with our WHOLE Immersion participants. I am rooting for YOU too as you do this deep work for you, for your partner, for your children if you have them. And If you haven’t started, you can today by looking at your EQ sphere in your Gene Keys profile or conscious Venus in your Human Design chart. Start digging. Start noticing. Start transforming your life and relationships today.

Much Love,


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why did you compare your EQ shadow + Defense and his IQ shadow + defense? could you reverse it?