Are you living on purpose?

There is nothing that gives you more fuel and energy than living a life according to your heart’s plan. Living a life that you’re proud of and can stand behind and for.

I know its easy to throw around terms like life’s work, purpose and mission. But to live out the expression of that coding that’s deep in your cells is one of the most fulfilling things on this planet.

It feels as though you are following the instructions and blueprint of your soul. You cant not do it. It feels so natural and freeing. THIS IS WHAT BREAKING FREE FROM THE MATRIX IS ALL ABOUT.

Be You. Do You. < Does that feel good?

You feel alive and enlivened and its as though you get more energy as you walk the path and penetrate the world with your soul truth.

Have you felt that?

I know I had glimpses of it, but I couldn’t replicate it consistently and reliably. I didn’t recognize the pattern.

It’s funny how we help pick and choose our life here on Earth, but we forget the map and even how to drive the car when we enter this world. Amnesia.

This whole life is a funny game of remembering who we decided to be here before we came.

Did you know and do you believe that you are a creator? 🎆

That with each step and decision you make, you are creating your future.
In every.single.moment. Every.single.move.

Conscious creatorship is where you intentionally live life as if you are the writer, reader and character in your own story. And the funny thing is, you don’t know how it ends. You are writing it as you are reading and living it.

So back to “living on purpose.” What does that mean in a world where the future is created in the present? It means that each act is an intentional and magical act. You are creating the path as you walk it. The things in your life become only as valuable as the attention you give to them.

Which means: the crops only grow when you water them. 🌱

This INCLUDES the things you cant stand, stress and worry about, and resist. There is precious energy going to these things. As so they GROW 🌱 with your worry. They GROW 🌱 with your stress. They GROW 🌱 with your judgement. And what does that mean. You are GROWING 🌱 more stress, judgement and worry. You are creating a future filled with these “crops.”

And this includes your relationships. What you give attention to you increase the value of. These things become valuable assets of your future.

So a conscious creator is intentional with the seeds he uses and the amount of water, sun and love he gives.

Don’t get me wrong,a liberal amount of fertilizer (aka 💩 SHIT) is needed to help a garden grow. But it is the shit that helps develop GRATITUDE which our garden LOVES.

I have learned and continue to strengthen my green thumb. It is an art and a skill. Conscious living and loving. I don’t always get it “right”, but when the future becomes my present, the harvest 🥕 of my garden tells me EXACTLY what kind of gardener I am.

How does your garden grow?

Which crops need more love?

Where might there be some weeds that need pulling?

Do you have more than you need?

Are things rotting?

What is it like during harvest season?

Do you feel like a competent gardener?

If you are not enjoying reaping what you have sowed and your garden seems to be missing some key ingredient for growth and abundance, please consider joining our group of conscious creators. We are learning the art of living and loving together

The space to learn the art of Conscious “Gardening” is inside the Inner Circle every Wednesday in our Spark of Creativity container. (Use code CREATOR at checkout for 50% off your first month with us)

Would you like to plant with us? 🪴

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