Do you like recognition and reward for your work?

Most people do. It feels good to be noticed and appreciated for what we do and create.

But sometimes this can be a slippery slope that gets us doing just about anything for that external dopamine hit.

If you do not know who you are, what you’re good at, what brings you joy or what your purpose is than what you create is just for validation and imitation. We are humans and we are here for love and connection. No man is an island. When you are not connected to yourself deeply or love yourself intimately than a lot of your giving or doing is for receiving and reassurance of worthiness and lovability (or all the mushy stuff is pushed away and you crave POWER and DOMINANCE).


This is what our marketing manager said to me and Bella Krystal at our meeting this morning. It can be a curse and it can be a blessing.

I am always AMAZED at how much we create each month! And doubly PROUD! I do not need someone to tell me how amazing I am at creating content and value, even though it does feel good, it isn’t necessary as long as I am telling myself how proud I am of myself frequently.

The thing about creating is unless you have a plan and a vision, you will just keep yourself BUSY. And i have experienced the business of busy-ness before!

I value personal development and creativity. For me, self-expression is a part of life. We are here to express our genius and leave a legacy here on earth. So the work I do supports that end — leaving a legacy here on earth that you can be proud of.

Most of my work centers around self-mastery, creativity and self-expression. I live and breath this.

When you are anchored in your own core stability (sourced within you) and sovereign creatorship then what you produce and create is inspiring and unique to you and for you. You tend to be proud of that which sprouts from deep within. You feel ownership and pride because of the gem you have mined and feel called to share it. (I may be speaking from my 5/1 profile essence, but I know it resonates universally, too).

When you are not anchored in your core stability and claim your sovereign creatorship, then you will do and create just about anything for validation and reward. Sometimes we even use external validation to help us figure out what we are good at and what our purpose is. That is merely looking for what someone else will pay for or will recognize you for. Here you get yourself into a trap of creating and doing because now they expect you to not because you genuinely want to or feel deeply called to.

That deep sense of satisfaction (that can only come from your unique spark of creativity that emerges out of your core) is so fulfilling and because you are FULL, you share without needing anything from anyone else. You share your genius altruistically. Giving for the sake of giving.

I am not saying don’t charge for your creations. I am saying when done this way it is no longer about the $$, love or power. It is about supporting and being supported. Giving and receiving without expectation. Trusting the universe just works in this way – unconditionally.

You leave the world better than you found it. You bring creative energy to the world and not destructive (although some is okay- maybe ill share about this another time).

After beginning my Spark of Creativity container in the Inner Circle, I am finding myself SO incredibly fulfilled. I am feeling energized and on fire for my work. I am feeling kinship and community. I am collaborating with fellow CREATORS. It feels so good to share my genius with them. And we LAUGH. And we keep each other ACCOUNTABLE. And we CHEERLEAD each other.

If you read this and feel attracted to this vibe, then I think you belong with us too. You, too, are a creator. It’s better together. We may not be creating the same thing together, but creating side-by-side is just as fun. I enjoy sharing my secrets of conscious creatorship with you! And I deeply appreciate and enjoy what I learn from others as well.

WE EACH HAVE A KEY.. A key for each others unlocking.

Unlocking inspiration.

Unlocking energy.
Unlocking confidence.
Unlocking and unleashing that reservoir of creativity.
Gosh, I could speak about this forever….

but I am sure you get the picture.

In any case, I am HERE for your growth, expansion and I am HERE to help you leave your legacy.

Come get inspired and spark your creativity with us,



When you are around other creators, the energy and aliveness is CONTAGIOUS.

Check out this list of creations we contributed to the Inner Circle membership in NOVEMBER

Maybe this will inspire you to create (not compete)
I share this for inspiration purposes. And quality is so much more important than quality. DO YOU. BE YOU.

🌀 10/31/22 Transit Call | The Gridworker (44)
🌕 10/31/22 Lunar Alchemy I Archetype & Elements | GK 44
🌱 11/1/22 Unlock Genius: Health & Embodiment | Ideal Weight
💡 11/2/22 Creator Studio | 🎓 TEACHING: The Revolutionary (49) Lines & GK
🌀 11/7/22 Transit Call | The Spark (1)
🌕 11/7/22 Lunar Alchemy I Archetype & Elements | GK 1
🌱 11/8/22 Unlock Genius: Health & Embodiment | The SQ
💡 11/9/22 Spark of Creativity: Opening Call & Guided Visualization
💡 Editing & Publishing a Meditation (GarageBand)
💡 Spark of Creativity Meditation (11/9/22)
🌀 11/14/22 Transit Call | The Rebel (43)
🌕 11/14/22 Lunar Alchemy I Archetype & Elements | GK 43
🌱 11/15/22 Unlock Genius: Health & Embodiment | Strategic vs Receptive Brain I Determination in Human Design
💡 11/16/22 Spark of Creativity | “Realm Bridgers”
🌀 11/21/22 Transit Call | The Black Panther (34) & The Powerhouse (14)
🌕 Lunar Alchemy I Archetype & Elements | GK 34
🌱 11/22/22 Unlock Genius: Health & Embodiment | Grounding as a Foundation for Embodiment
💡 11/23/22 Spark of Creativity | “Jambalaya”
🌀 11/28/22 Transit Call | The Mountaineer (9)
🌕 11/28/2022 Lunar Alchemy I Archetype & Elements | GK 9
🌱 11/29/22 Unlock Genius: Health & Embodiment
💡 11/30/22 Spark of Creativity | AI Art & Determination (9) with the Mountaineer
💡 11/30/22 Spark of Creativity | Our Oracle Artwork !
🌈 11/29 & 12/1 Solar Plexus Hub | Archetypes, Channels, Circuitry, Emotional Waves, etc

This doesn’t even include Kilo Hridayakasha’s Open Space calls that happen every Friday.
Not to mention ALL of the “rolled over” content that goes into the Inner Circle Vault.

PHEWWWW.. I need a nap now. 💤🥱

I wanna see you inside the Inner Circle with us! Will you join us?

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