The Big Planetary Dance of 2023

by Alison Dhuanna

In 2022 I felt myself very much drawn into the world of the Trans-Neptunian Objects which are a group of bodies that are ushering a myriad of new forms of consciousness through mythical archetypes of Indigenous cultures into our reality.

Through a variety of conversations with other Astrologers, Artists and Yogis, I am coming to gain a deeper understanding of the energetic architecture of the world to come. I became intrigued by Pluto not only as a planet of deep transformation, but also the door opener to these bodies. Pluto I have come to see very much as the one who breaks through our survival fears so that we can switch on an entirely different operating system beyond fear of death and the mindset of lack.

This will be a very special year as Pluto enters Aquarius from Capricorn on the 23rd March 2023, and while none of us know exactly what this means, its pretty certain that it is going to open us to a deeper clarity of the Age of Aquarius as new forms and ideas arise. Pluto has been in a long transit of Gene Key 60 Divine Justice – in the Gene Keys this Codon is called the Cracking of the Vessel and we have seen a lot of that happening on many levels. The transit of Gene Key 60 will continue for the first half of this year. Pluto started the year with a conjunction with Venus shaping the mysteries of Divine Love to be revealed in 2023. However we should also be aware that Pluto will bring the deepest issues to the surface – in relationships these could be control and manipulation. In the Aquarian energies we should be aware of not handing our power over to Big Pharma, Industrial food production and chemicals, Bio-weapons or Artificial Intelligence – cultivating the right use of technology is key in these early stagesof the opening of the full energies avilable to us.

In July there is a second major transition from an Earth to an Air sign as Sedna moves from Taurus into Gemini. Sedna at the far reaches of our universe with her orbit of 11300 years a marks a quantum leap in consciousness – and this is what I am most interested in right now– can we harness the power of this as humans to accelerate our evolutionary journey and affect the event horizon towards Peace of Earth? It seems such a big and impossible dream most of the time, but I do feel the guidance in there always if we seek it.

Sedna has been in a long term transit of Gene Key 8 with its shadow of Mediocrity and tuning into the shadow of its Programming Partner Codon 14 Compromise. So much this year has been pushing us to shine as our unique selves and like Sedna sometimes this means a radical break from the culture and family system you were born into. Sedna was seen as the trouble maker and in some of the more traditional version of this Inuit Myth is ousted from her family for ‘devouring the limbs of her parents’. In the reading of it this often feels that she is calling out or creating a radical disturbance of the accepted ways of doing things symbolised by the limbs. Sedna will then move into Gene Key 20 in the second part of the year and this feels like a real popping point – we may not even have a choice but to live in our truth and originality now or never – it feels that compromising ourselves in a way that was once the norm will feel intolerable.

So on one level I feel that for those who have been grappling with this new operating system, through the density of personal and collective trauma, things will get lighter through the movement of Pluto and Sedna into the Air signs. As we are in the Venus Star Point Libra cycle, the first in a few hundred years this completes an activation of the Air signs and the realm of ideas and inspiration.

However, alongside this the planet will continue to heat up and move into more extreme weather patterns putting a great pressure on all biological life including humans. My guidance for this year (as it has been for the past 3) is to build local and global heart centred community, eat local, eat healthy and make your own life sustainable without recourse to the Industrial machine, because its on its way out. Allow and support grass roots movement to replace defunct government systems – our natural inclination towards love and supporting each other deep down can prevail in these times of growing crisis. We can trust that in the new operating system we will have sufficient to live well.

Saturn, the planet that builds new forms, has been in Aquarius in 2022 and the retrograde period was a very intense time of stripping all structures that do not support the Aquarian ideal. I was noticing both personally and collectively how traditional ideas of marriage or relationships were being challenged – the Harry and Meghan saga is interesting when looked at through these eyes. Saturn will make a brief entry into Pisces on the 7th March, before turning retrograde on the 17th June back into Aquarius for a final clean up.

Ceres the Mother Goddess energy will be vitally important this year as we face one of the biggest extinction events on the planet – we urgently need to address how to take care of ourselves and Gaia. This question that arises through Ceres always circles back to our primary attachment style, our relationship to Earth as our Mother and to food production – it is such a key.

Ceres in Air sign Libra begins the year opposing Jupiter and Chiron in Aries, asking us to explore our woundedness around basic self care. Why is it so damn hard to take care of ourselves properly? What in us and in our culture leads us constantly towards unhealthy habits and addictions? It’s like a huge hamster wheel we have to choose to get off, create something better. On the 27th March Ceres will turn retrograde which will provide opportunities to see more deeply into these issues.

On the12th June Pluto will turn retrograde back into Capricorn. The first part of the year all the outer planets are actually direct so that in itself suggests much opportunity for progress.

In 2023 Neptune will remain in its ruling sign Pisces bringing Marine conservation and issues around water sustainability to the fore. As Global Warming reaches new levels water is going to be a big issue. Neptune is activating Gene Key 36 called Hidden Brightening in the i Ching. This Codon is all about hidden light and talent. In the Gene Keys is Gift is Humanity – the embracing of all that makes us human. It feels very much connected to the Sedna transit now completing in Gene Key 8 asking us to find the most appropriate place and audience for our unique self and work to be seen. Having taken my Poetry Soundscape show Walk in Beauty on the road in 2022 it’s very revealing to see where I land on fertile or stony ground. Recognising ones audience and not taking personally when people don’t resonate with you is a very useful thing to do.

Uranus continues its transit of Taurus and Gene Key 2 the Pure Yin Codon. This is a major activation at the level of our DNA Divine Feminine codes incarnating into matter

In 2023 I am continuing my Nomadic life beginning with Southern Spain in January to catch some sun, Cornwall in February and Los Angeles in March. I am enjoying the liberation of living from my body as it adapts in time and space to the ‘new’ programmes coming online.

If you live in California (or fancy a holiday there) I will be doing 2 performances of Walk in Beauty in March 2023. The first is will be in San Diego at a Mother Tree weekend retreat. You can find out more and register for this very special event for $299 here

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