Hybrid Solar Eclipse – A Return to Innocence

A Hybrid eclipse is rare where some people in the word see a Total Eclipse and others an Annular Eclipse so it has a dual nature. The last one happened in 2005 and the next one will happen in 2041 This one is the second New Moon in Aries this year so its full of potential for new beginnings.

This seeing things differently depending on where we are is my starting point for this article and to explore what opportunities there are to be had for healing at this time.

In my last blog I wrote about how Pluto entering Aquarius will be raising both the shadow and possiblities for innovation of technology in our world. This month I’ve been staying in France in an isolated house and I’ve rather taken to interacting with the Artificial Intelligence Siri – usually to put on some music to dance to in the kitchen while I’m cooking my meals. I’m quite intrigued by her choices and she brings me music I havent heard before so she is expanding me. So before I speak to the problematic side of the technology I want to reassure the reader that I’m in favour of technological growth and believe its the use, not the technology itself, that is the problem.

This Hybrid Eclipse takes place at 29 Aries 52’ in Gene Key 3.4 which moves from the Shadow of Chaos to the Gift of Innovation and the Siddhi of Innocence and the stories flooding into my world this week are all to do with young people experiencing serious mental health problems and suicidal tendencies, due in part at least to what they are interacting with on Social Media such as porn and violence. This is a dense energy field of the corruption of innocence that goes back generations and in my world at least its rare to find someone unscathed by it in some way. The oppression of women and children is woven into this story and although the technology aspect is new the energies of domination and oppression are not.

This eclipse represents a portal where we can as lightworkers and healers use our own practices and technologies to affect the quantum field dissolving this dense collective shadow. The eclipse is also conjunct Astraea and Vesta revealing that the creative powers of the Priestess are most enhanced at this time. Vesta is all about creating focussed intention and using prayer and ritual as a means to transform on the inner levels.

We also have available to us some wonderful sources of light. Varda #174567 the Queen of ‘Valar’ and creator of stars (Tolkien’s character) is transiting the Galactic centre right now with Aphrodite Goddess of Love and Beauty. Varda and Aphrodite are in Gene Key 11.5 (27 Sagittarus) moving from Obscurity to Idealism to Light, so call upon this source for strength and healing in your realm.

The process may look something like this as we confront the darkness: Confronted by this great inner daemon, the separate self begins to dissolve into the archetype itself. Every projection or urge to identify with anything is gradually purged from your psyche. Once the process has ended, true reality manifests within that human being for the first time. It is as though the world has become purified. Behind and through all forms alight shines — a clear pure light — not a physical light, but an intelligence beyond all identification. One enters the mind and body of the Divine.” Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys from Gene Key 11

Love and fire alchemist Vulcan #4464 is square the eclipse and intriguingly Design Uranian Vulcanus #H46 is conjunct the Earth opposite in Gene Key 56 Intoxication. Gene Key 60 is called the Cracking of the Vessel. Vulcan opposing Vulcanus during a Hybrid Eclipse sounds mightily powerful to me (like a nut cracker!) and add Pluto into the cauldron and we have the potential for a complete rebirth. My intuitive feeling is that this may trigger clearing perhaps very deeply rooted blocks to love opening our hearts to a new sense of freedom to live with zeal now in the present moment.

All these behaviours of sexual exploitation and unhappiness between men and women rely on a sense of worthlessness and self loathing for them to be so rampant in our society. This codon 60 is all about Divine Justice and this is a moment where karma can potentially burn out and this dense energy around wounded sexuality be dissolved – because after all its up to us how we use these devices and our bodies.

Also helping us in this big karmic clear up right now are Saturn and Pandora in the early part of Pisces. This is Gene Key 55 leading from victimisation to freedom. Pandora is going to show us big time the true nature of whats going on and this can be shocking. Having experienced sexual abuse myself its hard to shake off the feeling of being a victim and oppression can lie heavy on the heart. However there are ways we can protect our innocence by partaking in wholesome activities and avoiding ones that aren’t. Having boundaries and a sense of our inner values and sensitivity and care for others can help us also to stay in or return to a state of innocence.

You can check out your Gene Keys Hologenetic Profile at https://genekeys.com/ref/610/ and please feel free to contact me as a Gene Keys Guide with any questions or how you can move forward with your profile.

by Alison Dhuanna, UK Astrologer

I offer one to one readings and group opportunities. Check out my website www.alisondhuanna.com or email me at astroalison@gmail.com for details

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Fantastic, Alison! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer CL

Thank You! Your clarity with all of this reminds me that I am here to be delighted and innocent with life. All the heavy Plutonian BS is not mine to carry 🥰