The Appulse Lunar Eclipse

The Appulse Lunar Eclipse on the 5th May at 14 degrees Scorpio is a cosmic reset button with the Sun activating the pure Divine Feminine codon in our DNA (Gene Key 2) and the Earth and Moon the Divine Masculine (Gene Key 1). I like the reversal of polarity in this too offering an opportunity to integrate even further the alchemical marriage within ourselves. This eclipse invokes the highest frequencies of unity and beauty. In the shadow frequency you may experience dislocation and entropy.

This powerful eclipse season is marked also by Pluto moving retrograde at Beltane beginning its transit back towards Capricorn. Pluto retrograde is giving one last chance to look at all it has uncovered that is rotten and corrupt in our structures. The past decades of his transit in Capricorn have revealed sexual abuse scandals globally in the church, Royal Family and government structures. It has shown us deeply rooted corruptions in the banking systems and in politics. Its hard to find anyone these days with enthusiasm for these old structures. In the void new possibilities arise

There are two main streams of consciousness emerging which offer some kind of stability.

The first is the Evangelical church which continues to gain influence globally and primarily influences through fear. The hope is by clinging onto the rigid rules contained in the Bible that we might survive the chaos ahead. My family is very religious so I have first hand experience of the power of these ideas if you are brought up with them and how they stifle enquiry and seeking. Its “follow the rules” without questioning or else you will be excluded or even blamed for the problems of the world. Because the Evangelical Church is deeply divisive on issues of gender and sexuality for example, its offer of security is shaky and unsustainable.

Another possibility is to look at the way Indigenous people have lived in harmony with the planet for thousands of years and and invite an Aquarian version of this to seed and awaken – and this is already happening. This pathway offers real stability because it is wholistic and mindful, inclusive and is thinking towards protecting humanity and the young for 7 generations to come.

Uranus the ruler of Aquarius is conjunct the Sun at this Lunar eclipse and so we may get lightening bolt flashes of insight and a strong desire to break free from the past.

Vesta the Priestess archetype is conjunct Mercury now retrograde since 22 April, and so diving deeply into things and using ritual and prayer to effect change in the Quantum field are enhanced greatly at this time. Add to the mix asteroid Astraea and the North Node where the karmic energy flows towards and we have a potent alchemical mix of energies especially in earthy Taurus.

This is James Burgess’s take on the Sabian Symbol for 14 Scorpio which is absolutely perfect to usher in the connectedness in the Age of Aquarius

Creating interactive networks of cooperation and communication is an essential aspect of building community
“Widespread communication of feelings and thought”

Insofar as none of us could ever access the full picture, therefore complete knowledge, we must interact with others to listen and to share our own ideas. The quality of these interactions is inextricably bound to the quality of the communication methods used. We learn that linguistics have great importance, yet so too does the technology that allows the exchange of words – the printing press, telephone wires and the Internet for example.

One of the key forms of communication being explored in my online Venus Moon Mystery School is Light Language through voice, gesture and intention. I have an Astrology Conversation every week on an asteroid or TNO that is active in the cosmic download of the moment and Aquarian style healing ceremonies. You can join me by subscribing to from $55 a month and also have access to my Gene Keys programmes.

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