The Astrology of the King’s Coronation

It first caught my attention that the Coronation follows hot on the heels of the Annular Lunar Eclipse I had termed in my last blog a ‘cosmic restart’. Finding out it was also conjunct Trans-Neptunian Object Albion which is specifically connected with the United Kingdom, added to my curiosity along with the use of the Green Man on the official Coronation invitation.

So first of all why did I term this eclipse as a cosmic restart in the sign of Taurus? Looking at it through the eyes of the Gene Keys/Human Design we see whole other layer of information. The Sun at this eclipse is in Gene Key 1 Pure Yang carrying the Siddhi of Beauty and the Earth and Moon Pure Yin carrying the siddhi of Unity. It suggests an Alchemical Marriage is available to humanity right now beyond what an eclipse always provides.

The following day at the Coronation 6th May the Sun and Earth are still in these positions. Along with this Jupiter moves into codon 3 which is described as a “big gene key” by Richard Rudd author of The Gene Keys: Unlocking the Genius in Your DNA, “the nature of change itself”. In the i Ching it was called ‘Difficulty at the beginning’. Imagine a new baby turning up between woman and a man and that’s the chaotic kind of energy we are talking about. With Jupiter it is ejecting us into an expansive field which can be challenging as we try to cling onto the old. This all helps us to contemplate how we might allow change to flow into us like water, and also come to terms with the experience of the death of the old. Below is an image by Jane Adams showing the Codon Rings of Fire and Water and the I Ching of codons 1 and 2. The Moon is actually also conjunct 14 Bounteousness at 11am when the Coronation begins! Sedna and Sphinx are in 8 completing these Codon Rings which creates this powerful energy of new creation.

Codon Rings of Fire and Water by Jane Adams

The Sun is as I said earlier is exactly conjunct Trans-Neptunian Object Albion. Albion is an ancient name for Britain and especially is said to refer to Scotland. My own journeys across Britain have in recent years brought me time and time again to the effect of the first colonised people by the English – the Irish, Welsh and Scottish. Land removals, repression of language and culture and brutalisation were all part of this story woven in with that of Christianity that is healing in our ancestral memory at this time.

Albion conjunct the Sun at the Coronation I feel is highly significant. Give the use of the Green Man in the Coronation invitation I feel Charles is openly identifying himself with this archetype. He has long been known and mocked for his ideas around sustainability and nature before anyone else was interested in it. The Green Man signals a return to an older idea of the King as the protector of the land. If for example we look to Sumerian times we see Inanna and Dumuzi in a love making ritual whereby Damuzii receives the Kingship on behalf of the Earth Goddess. Such rituals exist in many cultures including the UK, and is especially associated with this time of year at Beltane.

The priestess would make love to the King and a magical child be born some 9 months later at Winter Solstice under the sign of Capricorn which was most auspicious. There are sites such as Bryn Celli Dhu in Anglesey, Wales where such rituals of life and death were said to be enacted. *

There is a wonderful line up in Taurus right now of the North Node indicating the flow of karmic destiny, with Astraea Goddess of the New Golden Age, Vesta the Priestess creating through focussed intention and Mercury. Our powers of creating through prayer and sacred arts are greatly enhanced for the benefit of Gaia in this potent time.

Mercury and Pluto ended the long run of direct planets in early May turning retrograde, Pluto being right at the beginning of Aquarius and will go back into Capricorn on the 11th June. This will over turn any loose stones of corruption left by the long run of Pluto in Capricorn which rules our systems of government, finance, royalty etc.

Feeling into the role of Camilla in this Coronation has left quite a few of my old ideas overturned, so perhaps a sign of the energies and Mercury asking us to look at things from a new perceptive. I was intrigued to see the Green Man as I say on the Coronation invitation and Camilla’s Coat of Arms which has the sacred and otherworldly Wild Boar. There are many boars in Celtic Mythology but the one I am familiar with is the Twrych from the Mabinogian who held the only scissors able to deal with bristly giants hair! I feel her as a similar archetype to Guinevere who is not known not for her faithfulness – in fact as a Faery woman we are asked to accept (or not) that the normal rules of a civilised society do not apply to her. Its also quite a reversal of the usual story that the younger, prettier woman wins the Prince – here maturity has prevailed and that is intriguing in and of itself.

Having never been a fan I find myself rather warming to the new Queen and the potential influence they may have as a couple towards enticing the higher echelons of society towards a more sustainable future. I pray it will be so!

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* Uriel’s Machine by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomass

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