New Moon – Codes of Virtuous Leadership

by UK Astrologer Alison McCabe

This next New Moon on the 18th June sets us on a trajectory through the Venus cycle in Leo for the next 18 months of ‘Virtuous Leadership’, as fractals of people, primed for many lifetimes to work together, make quantum leaps into deeper levels of integrity and understanding the problems of the world from this perspective.

The Moon and Sun will have their mystical union at 26 Gemini 43’ conjunct Juno Goddess of the Sacred Marriage. This is in Gene Key 12 and the Codon Ring of Secrets – it moves from the Shadow of Vanity To the Gift of Discrimination and the Siddhi of Purity. This particular Gene Key has always pointed me towards the final teaching of Jesus encoded in the Gospel of Mary Magdalen called Ihidayo meaning ‘single heartedness’. To live from the soft tender place of the heart. The quality of tenderness is enhanced by Saturn being Stationary at 7 Pisces which is the mother archetype Gene Key 37.2.

This energy calls forth a radical simplifying of life – get out of the head, the regretful past, the dreaded future and into the present moment in Divine Love. It requires us to pull up anchors to wordly attachments whilst embracing human life deeply, so we may live free of fear. The recent conjunction of Mercury and Uranus was just the right cosmic cocktail to eject us into this quintessential way of living.

There feels to have been a shift in the Masculine (and in that the Feminine too) energy in the past month – I am aware of sudden illness in a number of my friend’s partners which is bringing us closer to fears around illness, death and the need to ‘let go’, and also potentially deeper levels of love and devotion. My own partner just had 12 days in hospital with sepsis, and had a brush with death that was life changing for both of us.

I had only just moved into his home in Penzance, Cornwall so I went from tentatively and lightly anchoring into my new house and life together to taking on all the ‘blue’ jobs like the recycling and taking the rubbish out. Our home overlooks St Michael’s Mount where 4 major ley lines meet and both the dragon energies and the healing power of Archangel Michael were palpable during this time. I would go in the early morning to swim as the sword of light of the sun glimmering over the water found its way into my heart bringing me sustenance through the crisis.

What the universe is calling from for each of us is different – we are each a shard of light of the Creator, a divine experiment. There are certain things though I feel we can all do to facilitate this transition

The first is to be mindful about our internalisation of rules. In order to create something new the ways of the old need to be challenged and that work begins inside ourselves. Saturn represents rules and as I say is stationary today turning retrograde which is the perfect opportunity for such an assessment.

The second strong theme spiralling out into the next Venus Star Point blueprint in Leo, is about Virtuous Leadership. I’ve been watching an excellent 3rd series of Borgen set in Denmark on Netflix which is gripping and really has great insights into the corruptions the best people in politics experience. It is these pressures and fears that we must each now face to create the world anew and the cosmic energies are all supporting that.

There is a Sedna ingress into Gemini as I write this today in Gene Key 8 leading from mediocrity to style to exquisiteness. The cataract of dullness and obscurity is being lifted from our diamond selves. As we see with clarity the truth of our divine nature, how could we not absolutely love ourselves and others? It becomes easy and all the suffering falls away effortlessly. Sedna is travelling with Vesta the Priestess and Astraea the Goddess of the new Golden Age. As a Priestess myself working with other women in a Venus Moon Mystery School it is beautiful to witness our synthesising as we support each other to grow and flourish, and create safe space to bring through our unique gifts and capacity as co-creators of the new world that is ahead.

Another Trans-Neptunian Object Mors-Somner is also conjunct this alchemical combination – he is a Roman deity who name Mors means ‘death’ and Somner means ‘dream’ so he accentuates the shamanic initiation of Sedna that many are now experiencing with increased pressure.

Vesta and Astraea are also in a beautiful Earth trine with Pluto now on his retrograde back into Capricorn and Ceres in Virgo. My own perception sees more and more that the corruptions begin as soon as we fall out of integrity with how we really feel – perhaps following rules that make no sense because we are afraid or don’t want to rock the boat. If you are in a conflict situation ask yourself if at the heart of it is the rules are changing but not everybody is on the same page? Our systems of rules are very internalised – the first and last systems to crack open are our belief systems.

Venus is entering into a very interesting dance with Mars and Pallas Athena in the months ahead. The dance is in Leo which is all about our creative self shining in the world and leadership. They start to move together at this New Moon with Venus at 11 Leo 17’ which is Gene Key 33 bringing mindfulness and revelation to our lives. Mars is at 16 Leo 36’ which is Gene Key 7 virtuous leadership and Pallas Athena is at 20 Leo. Venus will then go back on all these Gene Keys and part of the zodiac in her 40 day retrograde period beginning 23rd July.

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