Light Language New Moon in 62

The next New Moon on 17th July takes place at 24 Cancer 56’. This in the Gene Keys is codon 62 called Light Language andmoving from the shadow of Intellect to the Siddhi of Impeccablity. This energy heps us to stop living from our minds and drop more deeply into embodiment, intuition and creativity.

Around a week ago I had what felt like a very important dream. I was in a temple of many different types of serpents and they asked me to help them discover a new light language that would bring them closer to the world of humans. The dream feels very much connected to the New Moon and also Hygiea the Goddess of the Ancient Healing Temples of Greece, where people went to heal through sleep and dreams. The serpents were fed milk and honey and released to assist in healing at night. The dream I feel signifies a collective shift has taken place that brings forth healing at the quantum level and also perhaps closer to all the animals. In the Gene Keys this is called the Dream Arc which can be explored on their website.

I was therefore interested to see what Hygiea is up to during this New Moon. She is in the sign of Aquarius at 21 degrees and in a inconjunct to the New Moon meaning a subtle spiritual energy is flowing between them. This is Gene Key 49.4 leading to a total rebirth.

There is also a square between Pluto, the opener to the Trans-Neptunian Objects and their streams of indigenous wisdom, and the moon’s nodes. Pluto has moved retrograde back to 29 Capricorn and the North Node is 29 Aries (Gene Key 3.4) and South Node 29 Libra (Gene Key 50.4).

This in Gene Keys language is the 3 ‘mutation’ codon and the 50 codon bringing equlibrium and harmony. Ths exact degree was the place of the last Venus Star Point (VSP) some 8 months ago at 50.4 – a very powerful point for restoring heart balance. This was also the first VSP in Libra beginning a longer cycle leading us out of the denser Scorpio energies.

TNO Haumea the Hawaiian Rebirth Goddess has been transitting this point deeply embedding her fertility energies for the past year. Her presence feels important to the longer erms seeding of a new world that is unfolding even as the old forms die away.

Reading Human Design Analyst Kim Gould’s blog this morning I am fascinated to find 50.4 is also the discovery point of Asteroid Prosperpina. Around a year ago I started a new relationship and often I have comapred us to Persephone and Hades because for my partner the relationship started not longer after his wife (who was also my friend) died. So we have walked this often perilous world between life and death and in that time on some archetypal level I have grown to love Hades.

Emotionally a challenging place to live on the threshold, this New Moon brings both the energies of Proserpina and Persephone to the fore. Prosperpina you might say is the egoic self who struggles in this place of not knowing and not even really being.

Proserpina is transitting Gene Key 17.5 and here she has the capacity to find the higher ground and to perceive the bigger picture. There is more to this relationship than getting her immediate needs for love and attention met. The energetics along with so many others on the planet are reshaping how men and women relate and how we will be together in equilibrium in this new world to come. There are layers upon layers of deconditioning to burn through and it feels relentless.

Many of our films and television are reflecting this transformation and I have just been watching The Anatomy of Scandal which is an excellent example of the gender conditioning we have been subjected to in Western cultures.

Persephone reflects the Higher Self and owns that she walks the worlds, Life and Death have so much less meaning to her now. She is the Queen of her domain, a guide to others to move between the worlds without getting trapped. The veil is ever thin and on the point of dissolving. Pluto is the architect pushing us toward egoic death and unity consciousness.

Faith is high that the Presence behind all things will hold the space as the world cracks open. I feel this Presence this week oozing into the cracks, into the deep well of lonliness inside many of us humans longing for love and fulfilment….and it is there as we are forced over and over again to surrender to the deepest emotional places in ourselves that the magic happens. So don’t despair if you are in this well of emotion too – it is as it should be.

At this New Moon Persephone is in Gene Key 47.3 moving from oppression to transfiguration bringing forth the Rainbow Body. She transmutes her suffering through being fully present with it and following the wisdom of her creativity.

Sedna’s move into Gemini and Gene Key 20 recentlly catalised a powerful energy moving from superficiality to presence. Sedna allows us a new capacity to slow down and feel these deepest darkest places within ourselves with a level of detachment and curiosity. We may choose to busy ourselves to avoid the feelings, but they are pretty relentless. Perhaps this is our greatest of fears to allow these great waves of sadness for ourselves, for our families and for the world to just roll over us. All the time the Presnce is there waiting, shaping and sculpting – sending creative inspirations through us.

New Moon in Cancer seems such a perfect time to celebrate our deep bonds with other humans, to feel what is really moving us and what is important to us.

Love and blessings

Alison Dhuanna

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