New Moon Super Seed in Leo

My life is I realise extraordinarily blessed. I wake up each morning in the arms of my beloved and start the day slowly, before eating a delicious breakfast cooked by him on the terrace overlooking the shimmering sea. I feel a huge wave of gratitude for this life when I know that others are suffering, and yet also I feel we are holding this space of bliss creating the future that we want for all humans on the planet and for all life on Earth. We are a seed of what is possible right now.

Today is a very powerful seed New Moon at 23 Leo 17’ for the following reasons

1. It falls the same day as the monthly Venus Moon conjunction which is a beautiful portal of divine feminine energies. Usually it is a couple of days apart from this event.

2. We are in an almighty powerful Venus 40 day retrograde in Leo until early September digging out those deeply rooted behaviours which cause suffering.

3. We are sandwiched between two Full Moons in Leo this month

4. The Venus Star Point on 13th August was encoded with the Gene Key 4 energies of Leo

4. It is the first New Moon after a powerful Lion’s Gate this year

I can say for myself that the pressure the past month has been immense – old stories re-emerging, the necessity to make positive conscious choices as half heartedness and fear leads to chaos!

Gene Key 4 has been very active in the Venus Retrograde and this New Moon activates the Line 6 the Vision which started with the Venus Moon conjunction in the Line 1 the foundation earlier today. It feels very fortuitous to have touched this feeling of bliss this morning, but then also how as humans we tend to block it because it might all go wrong, we might get even more hurt if we give ourselves to it completely.

This Gene Key is very important because from its energy can come miraculous healing of karmic and genetic timelines. Imagine that each child born carries invisibly fourlines of their Grandparents in their DNA emotional molecules from 11 generations before – that is immense and very heavy in some cases. This New Moon and the Venus cycle ahead actually help us see very clearly how we re-create patterns of karma every time we act something out in the same old way. Each of us therefore have the power to change the circuitry and through conscious stillness come to a place of dissolving karma.

The Gene Keys actually released a new app recently called The Triple Flame and its the perfect tool for rewiring because it give a structure, a ringing bell to begin a 3 minute pause or longer and an inspirational saying to contemplate. Also you are aware of how many others are consciously pausing with you which is fun. This ability to pause is such a magical key to unlock the doors of multi dimensional reality and subtle awareness where we are able to change the event horizon.

There are may people suffering on Earth and it is going to get much more intense as we go through this mutation process of all life. My heart goes out to those in Hawaii this week and the terrible events described by a friend who lives there as an apocalypse. The conditions for this event arose because all the golf courses and resorts on the island took the water from the land and so the natural defence against fire was not in place. We are going to find this more and more that if we refuse to allow the Earth to maintain her equilibrium through our own desires then the price is going to be higher and higher. Many people are afraid of losing their freedom in this time of great change – and yet if we look at freedom as a pace inside ourselves this fear is actually an illusion. Nobody can take away our freedom except ourselves and we have to ask ourselves too the freedom to do what?

For all the ignorant and crazy things we do I am a great fan of the human species – our hands, our voices, our capacity for art and music raise us up potentially as the most divine beings. We are evolving at a tremendous pace. Can you imagine the World Wide Web only came online in 1987? It feels like a short blink away. We need to make adjustments but I do hold a strong faith that we also have everything we need right now to make this change. The bliss for many is just a heartbeat away.

Enjoy your New Moon and say a prayer for this beautiful world and all of us to be here in peace

Love Alison

I offer one to one readings and a subscription programme to follow through contemplation the Morning Star Cycle of Venus with creative writing and neurographic art. Let Venus and the Moon be your guides! You can email me at or visit my website at for further information

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